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About Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids are painful enlarged veins that forms in the lower part of the rectum or around the anus. The common causes for piles are constipation, poor eating habits, remain standing or sitting for many hours, pregnancy and sedentary lifestyles. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal.

Nutritional treatment for piles

The basic thing is to avoid constipation and therefore we need to increase the intake of fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes) as this will increase the volume of stool, avoid hemorrhoids from drying and remain less time in the intestines. All of this will make the walls of the Colon spasms to suffer less because we have to make less effort to go to the bathroom, thus avoiding weaken the final 6 inches of our digestive system.

The Psilium, Plantago Ovata, Guar gum or linen or flax seed fiber are especially beneficial for piles since, unlike wheat or bran fiber, they are not so irritating since they absorb too much water and form a gelatinous mass. This creates as a slippery layer, on one hand helps to increase the fecal bolus and other favors for evacuation of fecal matter.

Drink plenty of fluids is important so that our bowels are well hydrated and the fecal bolus is easily be removed.

Home remedies for piles

1. Food Therapy:

• Every morning drink a cup of butter-milk which is free from fat, butter-milk which is sour is more beneficial.

• Persons suffering from piles should eat old and well cooked rice with green-gram or horsegram soup. (Cook the whole green gram or horse-gram in sufficient quantity of water. Collect the stock. Flavor it with the seasoning of hot ghee into which asafoetida, cumin and powdered pepper are added. Add salt to taste. This is the process of preparing soup.)

• Piles can be kept under control by eating a lot of raw radish and leaves of radish regularly.

2. Take a piece of turmeric root about an inch in length and powder it. Mix this powder with a cup of curds and drink it early in the morning. Use this recipe regularly for 7-8 days.

3. Eat a banana along with a whole cardamom (outer skin intact) every day before going to bed.

4. Eat daily 8-10 tender curry leaves dipped in honey. This treatment should be continued for a considerable length of time.

5. Grind to a fine paste the leaves of milk weed and drum-stick taken together. Smear this paste on the affected part to get rid of the eruptions.

6. Drink 4-5 tablespoonful of the decoction of tender Black plum leaves thrice a day.

7. Mash a ripe banana with a teaspoonful of lemon juice and a tablespoonful of honey. Eat this recipe once a day for a considerable length of time.

8. Mash the pulp of a banana with a cup of sour butter-milk and eat it once a day regularly.

9. Drink the juice of banana stem mixed with tender coconut water once a day till you get relief.

10. Grind into a fine paste the peel of a raw mango. Mix one teaspoon of this paste with a cup of butter-milk and drink it twice a day.

11. Roast Fenugreek(Methi) and powder it. Mix one teaspoonful of this powder with a cup of butter-milk and drink it twice a day.

12. Mix the juice of one melon with a cup of freshly milched cow’s milk. Drink this frothy milk without loss of time. This gives very good relief with-in a week.

13. Eat curds rice mixed with jaggery every morning. This gives good relief.

14. Mix the juice of half a lemon with a cup of water. Add a pinch of salt to taste. Drink this recipe. This will stop bleeding from piles.

15. Cook horse-gram in sufficient quantity of water and drain the stock. Add lemon juice and salt to taste. Drink one cup of this stock daily.

16. Soak whole green gram in water for a couple of hours. Drain this water and drink it. Patients suffering from piles can use cooked green-gram dhal in their daily diet.

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