Kidney Stone Removal: Herbal Kidney Stone Treatment – How to …

Painful, common and potentially dangerous are words used to describe kidney stones. Some of the reasons they occur may include factors such as:

o Genetics
o Diet
o Infections

Kidney stones usually present a problem when they are too large to pass through the urine naturally. In order to pass into the urine, they need to be small enough to pass through the urinary tract first.

For severe cases of this condition, people will normally turn to surgery or drugs. If you are currently suffering and are looking for some relief then it may be time to consider a natural or herbal kidney stone treatment that can also help to relieve this problem.

If you have experienced this problem in the past then you are more likely to suffer from them again, especially if this ailment has also been genetically inherited. It would be a great idea for you to start looking for a herbal kidney stone treatment and follow a suitable diet, which can help in the prevention of future stones.

If you are looking to treat the condition on your own, it is important to realize that hydration plays a major role. You can increase hydration through the increased intake of pure water in a daily basis. This pure water will help to dissolve the stones as naturally as possible.

Many herbs can be useful as diuretics to assist in washing them out as well as other harmful toxin build-ups. Herbs can work effectively when taken as a tea, although they are also available in capsules as well.

Here are some of the most useful herbs that you can use for a herbal kidney stone treatment:

o Dandelion
o Couch grass
o Buchu
o Cleaver

All of these herbal kidney stone treatment options have been successful in the past. Add a touch of lemon to your daily water intake, as this can provide some relief as well.

A healthy and nutritious diet can also assist, so make sure you are eating as many natural fruits and vegetables as you can. Always try to avoid anything that could cause you to dehydrate or any that have the potential to irritate the kidneys.

You may need to put that cup of coffee down now! Caffeine and alcohol should be limited, along with cutting down on excessive sugars.

Stress plays a big part in any health issues and illnesses, so try some calming techniques to see if you can relax. If you are unsure where to start, you might like to consider a yoga or meditation class.

This is a very painful condition, there is no denying that, but you can take steps to keep pain at a minimum and attempt to prevent stones developing in the future through a thoroughly researched natural or herbal kidney stone treatment.

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