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The Best Natural Hair Regrowth Solutions for Men Every day, millions of men worry about hair loss and hair thinning conditions. Although there are numerous triggering factors that induce the onset of hair loss among men, including ageing, medications, infections and improper hair care; two of its primary causes are attributed to the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone in the scalp and stress due to unhealthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are various natural hair regrowth solutions for men who want to help attain healthier hair.  As opposed to surgical hair restoration and commercialized hair loss products, natural ways of treating hair loss provide non-medicated and non-invasive methods to stimulate the growth of thicker, fuller and healthier hair—without the risk of adverse effects. What’s more is that these natural approaches not only help enhance hair growth but also promote overall health of the body.

The following are five (5) of the most common natural hair regrowth solutions for men.

1.       Body Detoxification — works by ridding the body of harsh chemical substances that cause the unhealthy development of the follicles. Body detoxification helps in proper cell function, thereby promoting a sense of well-being and good health. To get rid of toxins in the body, one must drink plenty of water and engage in regular physical activities that help relieve stress levels.

2.       Exercise — delivers sufficient amount of nutrients to hair follicles by means of stimulating proper circulation of the blood in all systems, including the scalp and the hair roots. This physical activity also reduces stress level in the body; hence, preventing stress-induced hair loss. Walking, running and stretching are the easiest exercises one can do to help keep the body and the hair strands healthy.

3.       Homeopathy — involves the use of highly diluted substances to treat diseases and conditions, including hair thinning and loss. Homeopathic treatment acts as the catalyst that influences the body’s natural  process of healing with the  use of various elements like fluoric acid, lycopodium, kali carbonicum, kali sulphuricum, selenium, phosphorus and natrum mur.

4.       Reflexology — relieves tension off the body with the use of massage techniques. Reflexology is based on the theory that the reflex points, which are located on the hands, feet and head, are link to every part of the body. The nails are believed to be the reflexes of the hair and scalp. Hence, reflexology reduces stress levels by working on the nails of both hands, thereby preventing the onset of hair loss in the process.

5.       Scalp Massage — promotes proper circulation in the scalp by rubbing, kneading and putting pressure on the skin with the use of the hands and fingers. Scalp massage promotes proper flow of blood in the scalp, delivering adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots; thus, boosting the strength and health of the hair follicles.



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