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As we embrace National Hair Loss Awareness month, there’s many great products out there to help you battle your hair loss challenges. Our partners offer many great options and recently they received some great shout outs from national beauty magazines.

In the September issue of InStyle magazine, it cites the HairMax Lasercomb.

The FDA-approved laser comb can be used by men and women. It works its magic by emitting a low level laser light energy to stimulate follicles and spur new hair growth.

To use the comb, it should be done three times a week by brushing it through your hair’s roots for about 10 minutes. Look for a difference in 12 to 16 weeks as you’ll notice less hair shedding and a fuller look.

Before you start any treatment, you should speak to your doctor about this alternative. For more information, go to the HairMax website.

A second nod came from More magazine’s July issue that cites P&G’s Nioxin Rejuvenating Serum. Now that many of us had had summer’s sun, warm-weather temps and chlorine wreaking havoc on our hair, it’s time for some TLC.

The Nioxin line is geared toward thinning hair and this recommended serum is a daily conditioner that just needs one drop for your hair. It’s great for those with either fine or normal hair.

More also gives a kudos to Pantene’s (from our partner P&G) Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment. This can help fatten up thin strands, with one fan saying that it “can make you look as if you’ve added thousands of new hairs to your head.”

This can be purchased at local retail stores including Target.

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Originally posted: Shoutout to Our Partners' Products: HairMax … – Hair Foundation