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Los Angeles, CA — (SBWIRE) — 06/18/2013 — Provillus is a popular hair loss product that is very effective in helping to restore hair that has been lost. Not only will it successfully assist with restoration, but the condition, as well as the quality of one’s hair will also benefit. The product uses a combination of natural products and herbal extracts, as well as ingredients that have all been approved by the FDA.

Provillus offers a product for both men and women, versus many of its competitors who supply products that are a one size fits all solution. Since hair loss for females and males has its significant differences, Provillus takes these many dissimilarities into account by providing the best hair loss solution for each gender.

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Benefits Of Provillus

This hair loss product brings many benefits to those who choose to use the Provillus hair growth system. First off, there aren’t any chemicals, but instead their products are an all natural solution. With a mixture of minerals, herbs, and vitamins, the combination is able to attend to one’s hair loss and restore hair back to health.

Another benefit is that this product is available in two versions: one for males and one for females. Each product is specifically designed for success since each gender experience hair loss differently. The women’s product includes B6, Biotin, Horsetail silica, and Magnesium. It also includes both ingredients targeted towards anti-agingand benzoic which works to block the sun’s harmful rays. The men’s formula, on the other hand, includes B6, B7, Saw Palmetto, and Zinc. To add shine as well as improve the hair’s natural health, Ginseng, Nettle root, and Pumpkin seed are also included.

Other benefits of this hair loss product include no reports of harmful or negative side effects. It also blocks something called DHT, which in short, prevents hair from thinning and will help in the restoration of the hair follicles and their quality.

How Does Provillus Work?

This particular hair growth system is made up of two parts: a topical solution and capsules. Minoxidil, which is the topical solution, should be used twice daily, while one capsule should be taken twice per day. The topical solution is to be applied once in the morning and once at night. Minoxidil serves the purpose of re-growing your hair and works to restrain growth of DHT, which halts hair growth. The capsules aid with hair nourishment which is crucial to growth.

About Ultra Herbal LLC
Founded in 2002, Ultra Herbal LLC is a trusted name within the Beauty and Health industry. As a member of the Natural Products Association, they are also dedicated in creating products that are both effective and safe for the user. Striving to bring the best value to all their consumers, they also incorporate the latest research and into their formulas to continuously enhance the value and quality of their products. With a mission “to deliver the highest quality health and beauty products with the best value” to their customers, their fine ingredients prove its successfulness with those who use their products.

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