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If you’re looking for a straightforward but sophisticated male grooming kit, then Mensgroom may be just the ticket for you. With distinctive and masculine packaging, witty names like “Shave the Males,” and an honest to good policy of creating quality products that will help you put your best foot forward, Male Standard knows you’ll appreciate the simplicity and direction of Mensgroom. There’s nothing unnecessary or frivolous about this collection, and we respect that. It’s easy to go overboard when upping your male grooming game, but keeping it simple, natural, and clean are the benchmark of success!


Mensgroom Hair Care


The Daily Wash Out is a great go-to for active men who want clean healthy hair, without all the fuss. All you have to do is wash and go, it’s as simple as that. With barley protein, B5, and Zinc PCA, your hair will become more manageable and stronger after washing. The zinc will also remove any flakiness or dandruff, and the barley nourishes the hair making it easier to style. As this is a 2 in 1 shampoo, we didn’t have to worry about following up with a conditioner, and felt safe in the knowledge that even after visiting the gym or washing each morning, our hair wasn’t going to become dry and brittle.


Daily Washout Sharpened Re sized 250x450 Introducing Mensgroom: Simple Products for Simple Creatures    Men!


The Feed Your Head scalp treatment serum was a welcome addition to this hair collection. As men are now beginning to experience hair loss and hair thinning from their teens upwards, a significant difference from men of a few generations ago who battled from that mid-life point, we know that more men are becoming all too familiar with thin hair. Whether you are experiencing hair loss, or are looking for a way to prevent what can feel like the inevitable, this paraban free formula contains dozens of natural nutrients to maintain thicker, fuller looking hair.


Feed Your Head Sharpened Re sized 250x450 Introducing Mensgroom: Simple Products for Simple Creatures    Men!


The Iron Grip hair gel is true to it’s name, and offers a long lasting super strength hold so that even the most unmanageable of hair feels locked in place. Again, going with a gel formula was a great call, as with dozens of new products on the markets, most men just feel plain confused when it comes to styling their hair. Go back to basics and stick with a straightforward products that works if you want to make a bold impression. We also found the no flake, no grease promise to hold up, but we’re surprised to find the overall condition of hair improve with use.


IMG 0401 4 249x450 Introducing Mensgroom: Simple Products for Simple Creatures    Men!


Mensgroom Hair Care


The Daily Shower Power is a great daily cleaner that cuts through oil, grease, mud, and other difficult residues that can collect on your body from all those manly tasks you do each day. Unlike other soaps that can be drying, this gentle formula was sensitive of keeping your skin hydrated, and can be used head to toe, and in ever crack in-between. As the Daily Shower Power also contains natural nutrients like barley, you can also rest assured knowing your body will receive the same premium attention and anti-aging benefits as your face; after all, skin is skin and is prone to aging.


Daily Shower Power Sharpened Re sized 250x450 Introducing Mensgroom: Simple Products for Simple Creatures    Men!


Mensgroom Skin Care


The Shave the Males shaving cream is a fantastic heavy duty shave cream with intensive moisturizing properties, and is fantastic for daily shaving without irritation. We found the lather to be long-lasting, and actually improved our morning routine. Rather than calling on dozens of products to prep, pre-shave, and protect, this handy all in one formula takes care of business so you can get on with your day. Anything that cuts down the daily ritual and still offers premium quality is a win in our book.


Shave the Males Sharpened Re sized 250x450 Introducing Mensgroom: Simple Products for Simple Creatures    Men!


For those who do appreciate a subtle scent of aftershave, or who want a little extra moisture on their face after shaving, the Soothe the Shaven Beast is a great addition, but is not essential to a great shave. We found this enough to add a pop of freshness to your day, without being fussy or over-imposing fragrance wise. In the shaving arena, Mensgroom really stand out as products for men, and we’re not picked up on any female radars making this one you can keep out without worrying where it will vanish to next.


Soothe The Shaven Beast Sharpened Re sized 250x450 Introducing Mensgroom: Simple Products for Simple Creatures    Men!


About Mensgroom


Like most men, Washroom Guy (WG to his friends) woke up late one morning, looked in the mirror and suddenly realized the importance of good grooming. Throwing on a baseball cap and dark glasses, he ventured into a store in search of products to help him on his quest. After years of therapy – and the occasional crying fit in the fetal position he is finally coming to terms with what he found. What nightmare-provoking scene was poor WG struck with that fateful day? A male extension of a female brand created by simply swapping out pictures of women for guys. Instructions so complex that a man practically needed a PhD just to open the package. Ingredients with such familiar household names as chlororhyptohryptonitic, sulphosphagooglyaaa and whoputsthiscrapintheirhairia.


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Standing there trying to make sense of it all, it became apparent to WG that his only real option was to learn the foreign language of estheticians and cosmetics experts in order to infiltrate their world and expose their secret plan to exfoliate the universe. Real men, WG realized, don’t want a science class. They don’t want what their girlfriends use. And they definitely don’t want a brand they have to hide under their bathroom sink or in their gym bag. What guys want is to look good without working too hard at it. They want premium quality without pretension. They want something that looks cool and makes them feel cool when they use it. They want products that are theirs and theirs alone. An assortment that does what it says and, of course, clearly says what it does. Washroom Guy realized that men want simple products for simple creatures. Guys want MENSGROOM.


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