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201315182659 300x283 Hair Loss Products for MenThere are many hair loss products for men floating around, but you’ll find that there are just one or two that have really made a splash on the market. If you’re interested in preventing hair loss – or even possibly reversing it – it may be a good idea to understand what you’re getting into with each product. They each have a different use, but the end result is the same.

Hair Loss Products for Men: Propecia

Propecia has become probably the most popular of the hair loss products for men, though its real name is Finasteride. Propecia is just the brand name of the generic drug – another popular brand of the product is Proscar.

Interestingly enough, Propecia wasn’t originally conceived as a hair loss product, but it was designed to treat prostate gland problems. The men that were treated using this drug showed not only improved prostate health, but the studies showed that one of the side effects of the drug was hair growth. Within a few months, studies had been done into how it could aid men in preventing hair loss. It had already been approved by the FDA – though for a different purpose – so it was quickly retasked into a hair growth product. Since 1997, Propecia has been on man’s side in the war on hair loss.

Basically, what Propecia does is stop the body from producing an enzyme, called 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme is used by the body to convert testosterone into another hormone, the potent androgen known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

DHT is actually one of the primary causes of baldness. It was once testosterone, but the body has converted it into an androgen. Androgens do not contribute to hair growth – in fact they contribute to hair loss.  DHT causes the hair follicles to shrink, which makes it harder for the hair to grow. By preventing this androgen from being produced, basically you are stopping hair loss in its tracks.

Interestingly enough, taking just 1 milligram of Propecia is enough to reduce the presence of DHT in the scalp by as much as 60%. While this requires a daily dose of Propecia, you will be able to fight DHT – preventing hair loss. By using just this small amount of the supplement per day, up to 85% of the men taking it were able to stop hair loss – and up to 65% were actually able to regrow their hair.

According to the American Hair Loss Association, the only truly effective way to stop hair loss is to get rid of DHT. It is for this reason that Propecia has become one of the most popular hair loss drugs, and it is why most doctors will recommend this drug as a means of dealing with your hair loss. By killing off DHT from your scalp, you can give your hair a fighting chance!

Hair Loss Products for Men: Rogaine

Rogaine is the brand name by which the product is known, though the generic medical name is Minoxidil. It was actually the very first drug that the FDA approved for hair loss treatments, though it doesn’t have the same result as Propecia.

Just like Propecia, Rogaine had an original use that was completely different than its use today. The drug was actually used to treat high blood pressure, rather than hair loss. While studies were being done into the effects of the drug, a nifty side effect was revealed. The men taking the supplement were finding that hair grew all over their body, including on their cheeks, the backs of their hands, and even on their foreheads.

Instantly, experts knew they had a success on their hands, though its success was in the realm of hair loss rather than blood pressure. It was reformulated to make it more effective for dealing with hair loss, and the rest is history.

Rogaine is a drug that is used to slow down hair loss. While it won’t be as effective as Propecia in terms of regrowing hair, it can stop hair loss in its tracks. It will slow down the rate at which your hair falls out, and the topical application of this drug can provide you with a temporary stay in your hair loss. It doesn’t stop DHT from being produced, but it will just slow the effect. Most experts consider this just a temporary solution.

However, doctors will recommend it for those that have tried Finasteride (Propecia) to no effect, or who have responded negatively to the other drug. While it won’t deal with the root of the hair loss problems – DHT – it will ensure that your hair loss will be slowed – possibly even stopped. It isn’t quite as effective, but it’s an alternative solution.

Hair Loss Products for Men: Which is Better?

For men, hair loss is a problem,  and anything that will help them to arrest that hair loss is important. Propecia is a drug that has been proven to work, and it can promote hair re-growth for as long as you use it. The fact that it stops DHT from being produced means that it deals with the hormonal root of the problem, making it the better option. However, it’s always good to have backup plans, and using Rogaine is your second-best option.

If you are going to use these hair loss products for men, it’s very important that you follow the instructions on the boxes precisely. The drugs can be fairly strong, and they may cause negative side effects if you take too much too quickly. You will need to follow the instructions in order to know how to apply it – either topically or orally – as well as how much is a safe dosage. If you follow the instructions, you’ll find that these hair loss products for men can be a safe, proven way to stop your hair loss in its tracks!


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