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I recently had an experience that I will never forget as long as I live. I honestly thought I was going to die, that’s how bad the pain was.

I began experiencing a fiery, high pressure sensation just under my heart. The burning and squeezing went on for hours and it seemed that nothing I could do would make it go away.

At first, honestly, I thought that I was having a heart attack ‘ that’s how intense the pressure was on my chest, and that’s how horrible the pain was. As it got progressively worse, I decided that I needed to go to urgent care in order to see what they could do for me. At this point, I had resigned myself to the fact that I was in all likelihood having a heart attack and there was a better than decent chance that I would not survive it. The panic began to build at the thought that I was experiencing a medical issue that could conceivably and my life that night.

When I got to urgent care, they immediately examined me because of the fact that my heart was involved. They gave me a thorough examination and peppered me with questions about what my activities had been like that day and what sensations I was experiencing.

As it turned out, the pain that I was experiencing was heartburn! I was so incredibly embarrassed to find that out, but the medical personnel and urgent care said that it is a very common mistake. It seems that heartburn actually does feel quite a bit like what a heart attack is described as feeling like. In fact, they said that other than panic attacks, heartburn is the condition suffered by the highest percentage of people who come into the emergency room or enter urgent care suffering the misperception that they are having a heart attack.

Once I found out that the horrible pain that I was experiencing was due to heartburn, been my main concern became how to avoid ever going through that again. I wanted to figure out what foods I had to cut out, what activities I had to modify, and basically any change I had to make in order to never have another heartburn attack again.

The doctors and urgent care gave me a very comprehensive list of things that contribute to heartburn, and things that can trigger an attack. Some of the things I would’ve thought of on my own, but many of them were surprises, which is why it is a good thing that they gave me that comprehensive list!

They also gave me another list that I was very happy to have. The doctor that was talking to me told me that, as motivated as I might be to make a change in my life based on never wanting to go through what I had just experienced again, lifestyle changes can be quite difficult, and chances are I would end up slipping up either intentionally or unintentionally at some point during the upcoming months. For that eventuality, he gave me a list of the best instant heartburn relief medicine brands so that, if I began to experience heartbreak attack again, I could immediately put a stop to it.

On the way home from urgent care, I stopped at the drugstore and bought every single medication from the best instant heartburn relief medicine this that the doctor had given me. I never wanted to be without them again. In fact, I bought two sets of every single medication on the best instant heartburn relief medicine list so that I could have one complete set in the house and one complete set in the car. I probably should’ve brought three, so then I could have one “to go” set already completely packed up in a bag to take with me anytime I was going to be out, away from the house or the car. I will probably go and pick those up tomorrow.

Now that I know what I suffered was heartburn and I have tools in the arsenal to fight against it, I am determined to never experienced that kind of pain again.

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