Removing Warts, Moles and Skin Tags Effectively and Safely

What are Moles, Warts and Skin Tags?

molesMoles, warts and skin tags are often related to each other by the society. Although they are all skin issues that form on the surface of the skin, they are different to one another and are caused by different cases. Many confuse these issues to cancerous risks also.

Warts are by nature a viral that develops within the skin layers and push up to the surface as bumps. Warts on the other hand are tissue that also push-up to the surface of the skin. Last but not least, skin tags are flesh of the skin that is created by skin proliferation.

The Removability

In several cases they can lead to cancer, but not all. Moreover thanks to technology these skin issues can be removed by appliance of substance or with modern technology to remove them for good. In particular warts and mole are non-cancerous and have little effect on your body or health. Only the Congenital and Dysplastic nevi need attention. In fact home remedies are developed constantly to get rid of these moles, warts and skin tags without having to go through operations or surgery.


If you are going through these skin problems and wish to identify what exactly they are, they come i several types. Starting with the warts, there are common warts, genital warts, plantar warts, flat warts, and warts that are located on the mouth and lips. Of all five types the flat wart is the least to worry about and is almost as common as the regular warts.

The moles on the other hand are also various. The Congenital nevi as is mentioned before can lead to health risks of cancer. If they start to develop into a larger size and keep growing, you will need to see a skin doctor to identify the possible cause and risk.  There is also Dysplastic nevi that can lead to melanoma. Of all types of moles the ones that are formed at birth are least to worry about.

Causes of Skin Issues

As well as understanding their type it is important as well to know why they are present in the first place. In the case of moles their presence is caused by the growth of skin cells. Skin cells usually grow through an adequate spread, when they are concentrated in a certain spot they form a mole. These are usually of the colour brown or black depending on the person. However they do not always lead to cancer, only when changes take place such as becoming tender, itchy or red. Only then will you need to check with a dermatologist. 

The causes range widely depending on the person and its lifestyle. Sugar consumption can be one cause. Deficiencies of vitamins have also been known to heighten the risk of wart spread and development. Smoking is not to mention a risk for your current warts.

Skin tags on the other hand are caused by natural development of the skin. Where usually a skin tissue us spread evenly, in areas where they aren’t you may see skin tags. The colour is usually of your skin colour but with the appearance of a mole.

Natural Removal

If you are wondering whether natural removal is possible, the answer is yes. Home remedies can be an alternative but if you want effective results DermaTend is the answer for you. Despite the type that you have if you are eager to get rid of them as you may have been dealing with them for so long DermaTend will take care of the issue.


dermatendDermaTend is a skin care product designed to help their users improve appeal and beauty by eliminating warts, moles and skin tags with effective care. They are made from natural ingredients to eliminate the risk of side effects.

The DermaTend Product

There are three types of DermaTend products that you can select from. They differ based on the power they embed. The Original DermaTend remover is designed to remove 4 moles and tags with results that can be seen in 3 days. Costing 39.95$ the results last for good!

The Extra Strength DermaTend Ultra can remove up to 15 moles with results the next night! This amazing feature has been tested to prove its quality and has worked for many people out there. Costing only 69.95$ you will receive a healing balm along with the cream.

Last but not least the Two Extra Strengths provides the same results but with more power. You can get rid of 30 moles in total!


To know how they are effective read through testimonials and reviews of former customers. The team claims to have solved 1.000.000 moles before reaching its popularity today. A 60 day warranty, not just a guarantee, awaits your purchase. If you don’t see the results that you wish to see you will receive your money back.

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