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I had been wanting to remove this mole from my friend’s face for years, and she always had an excuse not to do it! She works in my industry so is very concerned about her appearance, but I think the real issue was that she didn’t realise how easy the treatment of laser mole removal is! Also many years ago, she had asked a doctor about removing it and they had told her it was difficult and may leave a large scar.

When she came back for her review at 12 days, she of course said “I’m so annoyed with myself that I didn’t do this years ago”.


Erbium Laser Mole Removal


Before and 12 days after 1 treatment of laser mole removal



Immediately after mole removal

Erbium Laser Mole Removal


After I have lasered some lesions, a pressure dressing is required for the first night of the procedure. This may be taken off the morning after the procedure





The after photo is at 12 days after the treatment of laser mole removal. There is still redness in the area of the mole removal. This should improve over the next few months.

I will review her again at 1 month after the treatment, as sometimes a second treatment is necessary.

Cost of mole removal 1-2 lesions is $360

Cost of mole removal 6-15 lesions is $850

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