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how to prevent external hemorrhoids
Question by IamEnigma: Is it okay to take laxatives for years?
I have been using laxatives(senokot forte) for two years and find it good to my bowel movements.It helps me to prevent my internal and external hemorrhoids to bleed. I felt a natural bowel movements. By I was wondering if it’s okay??My movement is depending on the medicine..Please answer this. Thanks!!

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Answer by euphoric(k)
no it’s not okay at all. Those are suppose to be used occasionally. Your body will end up relying on them for your bowel movements, not good.

Try taking natural ways to increase your BM’s. Like magnesium, freshly ground flax seeds. You have to freshly grind them because the positive benefits of flax seed oil go rancid fast. Also increasing fiber helps a lot.

I use to have a problem with hemorrhoids but not after cleaning up my diet. Drink enough water, get more fiber, cut out sugars and simple carbs and foods you are sensitive to.

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