Learn how to improve your vision naturally through vision exercises …


Eye exercises to improve vision should be carried out without the help of glasses or lenses. Regardless of whether you suffer from long sightedness (hypermetropia), aging vision (presbyopia), nearsightedness (myopia), blurry near and distant vision (astigmatism) or a combination of some of these conditions, eye exercises can alleviate the symptoms and improve vision.

Near and far focusing:
This is an exercise that retrains the eye to focus more effectively because it strengthens the muscles of the eye. Hold any object of your choice or your finger about a foot in front of your face and focus on it for about one minute. Switch your focus to another object that is a distance away and focus on it for about a minute as well. Do this exercise five times and rest your eyes.

This is also known as zooming exercise and it is very important for your eyes because it helps in their focusing skills. You should start by sitting in a comfortable position and holding your thumb in front of your face at arm’s-length. Next draw it closer to your nose until it is about 5cm away. This exercise can also be performed by writing a letter on the tip of a pencil to replace your thumb. Repeat this exercise several times during the day.

Edging or tracking:
This involves tracing the edges or lines around objects with your eyes. Imagine a giant figure eight in a horizontal position at a distance of about ten feet. The best way to handle this would be by focusing on a wall because it will ensure the distance remains the same and follow the figure eight for two minutes. Vary the distance by focusing on a different object and following its outline with your eyes. The exercise helps in rotation of the eyeballs hence strengthening the extra ocular muscles of the eye. This improves oxygenation of the eye area resulting in improved vision.

Moving eyes up and down, left and right:
Draw an imaginary compass in your head with north, east, south and west points. Move your eyes from the north point to the south point ten times and then repeat the same from east to west. Do this about ten times before taking a break. This exercise strengthens your eye muscles.

Resting your eyes:
All these exercises to improve your vision will not be of help if your eyes are perpetually fatigued. Most people spend a major part of their day in front of their computer screens and watching the television when they get home in the evenings. This tends to strain the eyes a lot. At intervals of thirty minutes, look away from your computer screen and focus on an object that is a distance away from you for five to ten seconds. You could also try rubbing your palms together to generate heat and then place them on top of your eyes. The resulting darkness will help the eyes to relax completely. Put a conscious effort to blink every three to four seconds. Relax your eyes as well by massaging the temples to relieve the pressure that builds up during the day.

Once you follow the above exercises, you are guaranteed to notice a marked improvement in your vision. So, go ahead and try them, start them today.

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