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Michaela Temesvary is one active girl. She’s played soccer since she was a kid and even back then she noticed she sweated a lot more than the other kids.

“Especially in Texas,” Michaela said. “You know wearing tank tops it doesn’t matter what type of clothing you wear I was always very moist underneath my armpits.”

And even those expensive antiperspirant deodorants didn’t help.

“It was always constant wetness and those are the $10.00 guarantee clinical strength ones,” Michaela recalled. “They say they’ll keep you dry but I would always have to reuse them throughout the day.”

But not anymore, Michaela heard about a new procedure called miraDry which treats excess sweating–the medical term is hyperhidrosis.

She went to Dr. Sam Lam at Lam Facial Plastics in Plano, TX who is one of just a few doctors in the country offering the procedure.

“Rarely would I say there is a game changer on the cosmetic market and this is really is one because it provides a lasting solution,” Dr. Lam said. “Sweating in a very disfiguring way that can cause horrible smelling and ongoing use of deodorant and antiperspirants and this one knocks it out.”

Dr. Lam said that before miraDry the only options were invasive surgery, antiperspirants or Botox which works but you have to keep doing it which can be expensive.

Dr. Lam said miraDry is non-invasive and works by heating and eliminating sweat glands. The procedure uses electromagnetic energy and the sweat glands don’t come back.

“It’s going down to the actual sweat glands, targeting it and annihilating it without hurting the overlying skin,” Dr. Lam said.

Dr. Lam uses a local anesthesia and said the procedure takes about an hour. Men may lose underarm hair but besides that and some post procedure tenderness that’s about it.

It takes two treatments which costs $3,000.00.

Michaela had one treatment and her under arms are high and dry.

“I wear any type of shirt and honestly I can raise my hands in the air and no smell and complete dryness so to me its miracle,” Michaela said with a smile. “It’s a miracle. Gone. Done.

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