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Armpit sweatAmong the many common and embarrassing moments, one of the most known ones is that of excessive sweating. Not only does it cause problems of body odor but also leads to bacteria accumulation in the body that can lead to skin diseases. Among excessive sweating, one of the most prevalent areas of the body is that of the armpits. This is one of the major issues among people especially when they are out in public.

As mortifying as it is for social gatherings and situations, the best you can do is to start preventive measures for the same rather than waiting for it to occur and then looking for a cure. The idea is to search for effective, affordable, safe and well researched preventive cures that can give you best results in a short notice. Another of the major drawbacks of the same is the staining of the clothes which is quite visible. This list below will help you in stopping the armpit sweat without much effort.

Various Ways To Prevent Armpit Sweat

Use An Antiperspirant

One of the most efficient preventions to be taken when it comes to controlling and stopping sweat in the armpits is that of using an antiperspirant. Make sure you do not compromise on the quality when it comes to using such a product.


Aluminum chloride hexahydrate is the chemical in the product that puts a stop to the sweat in the arm pits and save you from the embarrassment in public.

Baking Soda Treatment

For those people who are looking for something more natural and safer for the skin and the body while preventing the armpit sweat at the same time can easily adhere to the baking soda treatment. For the very same method, mix the powder with water until it forms a thick paste. Now apply this paste on clean shaven armpits for about 25 minutes and let it sit for that while.

baking soda

This should be rinsed after this time gap. The treatment is recommended for days to come until the body get into a habit of drying up the sweat faster than it does now. Baking soda mixed with the acidic nature of the sweat and causes it to evaporate faster.

Benefit Of Apple Cider Vinegar Or Malt Vinegar

Another of the good natural ways to stop underarm sweating and to keep it at bay is to use apple cider vinegar on a regular basis. This should be done until the problem subsides completely. Application of apple cider vinegar directly on the armpits is suggested which should be left until dry.

apple cider vinegar

This liquid helps in making the armpit sweat neutral in nature and thus kills the odor that comes from the sweat. A drying effect is what you will feel with routine application of the same. This will keep the underarms sweat less. This method can be followed at night before hitting the bed. Make sure to clean the armpits with soap and water the next day morning.

Lemon Juice Wonders

Another of the home remedies that can be used for preventing armpit sweat is the application of lemon juice in the affected area.

Lemon Juice

This should be done at night before sleeping and kept overnight. Rinse it in the morning. Following this process regularly will give you the right outcomes to fulfill your aims.

Consume Sage Tea Each Day

A real wonder happens when you use sage tea for rescue from armpit sweating. 1-2 cups of sage tea if consumed everyday will definitely help you in keeping away the foul smelling odor from the underarms and give you a strong reason to smile and feel confident.

sage tea

This is not only an easy and safe way to treat the crisis but also has a cost effective approach.

Use Of Tomato Pulp On The Pits

An application of fresh tomato pulp on the armpits for 15 minutes everyday is a good idea to follow when you are having issue of sweat in the underarms.


Remove the pulp after this time period to get ideal results. This should be followed for a couple of weeks to completely prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Botox Treatment

For those who have a serious issue with sweating in the armpits and none of the subtle natural treatments are helping, the best idea is to get a permanent solution for the same through Botox.

Botox treatment

Though, it is a painful and a very expensive procedure, the results are definitely worth it and stay with you all your life. However, make sure you hire a professional for the purpose of getting flawless outcomes.

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