Natural Cure for Eczema — Jon Waters

what is eczema

The other day I spoke a little about eczema, but wanted to get more into what it really entailed.

So, the next question is, what is eczema?

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According to, eczema often appears as a bumpy, itchy rash on the hands, feet, neck, back of the knees and inside of the elbows. In adults, the rash can cover more of the body and the face. In time, the rash can crust over and even develop into thick, scaly patches.

Everything listed above is what I’ve endured ever since I was born. Of course, certain times of the year were worse than others, but I could always count on a nasty rash, dry skin patch, excessive itching, or pus boil appearing somewhere on my body. These conditions have only worsened during this 10 ½ weeks of the severe eczema detox, but I’ve learned that this is a normal function by the body. In order for the system to expel lingering toxins inside of us, a good portion of them have to be released through the biggest human organ—the skin. So, before I’m fully healed, I have to just keep my head up and be patient because there is now a light at the end of the tunnel

It took me a very, VERY long  time to come to that conclusion because I was thinking about going back to the steroid and cortisone creams I’ve been using for years and getting off this detox altogether; luckily, someone I came across on the internet—who went through the same situation as me—had a safer and healthier route to take. Her name is Donia , and she has been such an inspiration to me, and many others as well. On her website,  HYPERLINK “”, she does an excellent job on going over all the triggers of eczema, what to eat to heal, what not to eat, and how to keep a positive attitude throughout the whole cleansing process.

Even if you don’t have chronic skin problems, or any other physical issue for that matter, you could still benefit from the program she has put together; who knows, a couple tweaks in your meals might make the biggest world of difference!!

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Excerpt from: Natural Cure for Eczema — Jon Waters