Endure The Fall: How to prevent kidney stones with everyday foods

(NaturalNews) Passing them is described by those who have experienced
their terror as one of the worst pains known to man, exceeding even the
pain of childbirth. But kidney stones do not have to be a constant worry
on your mind, especially if you are taking proactive nutritional steps
on a daily basis to dissolve and eliminate any that might be cropping
up. Here are a few helpful tips for preventing kidney stones with
everyday foods and dietary interventions:

1) Drink plenty of clean water.
This point simply cannot be overstated, as pure, fluoride-free water
truly is the master cleanser when it comes to maintaining clean kidneys
that are free of stones and other toxic buildup. Drinking at least four
liters of water every day will not only help prevent kidney stones from
forming, but also quickly eliminate any small stones that may have
already formed. Some health practitioners also recommend drinking
distilled water to prevent and flush kidney stones.

“The single most important step for preventing kidney stones is to drink plenty of fluids each day,” explains a 2001 issue of Healthwire.
“Water is best and most physicians recommend three to four quarts
daily. Patients who do no more than increase their fluid intake cut
their rate of stone recurrence by 50 percent.”

2) Add fresh lemon, lime and apple cider vinegar to daily beverages.
Taking this a step further, adding fresh lemon or lime juice, or apple
cider vinegar, to your beverages throughout the day will help alkalize
your body, effectively blocking the formation of kidney stones.
These alkalizing juices will also help quickly dissolve any existing
stones that might be present in your kidneys, keeping them clean and

“At the first symptom of stone pain, mix 2 oz of organic olive oil with 2 oz of organic lemon juice,” writes Dr. Ed Group on his Natural Health & Organic Living Blog
about how to eliminate kidney stones naturally. “Drink it straight and
follow with a 12 oz glass of purified water. Wait 30 minutes. Then,
squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon in 12 ounces of purified water, add 1
tablespoon of organic raw apple cider vinegar and drink. Repeat the
lemon juice, water and apple cider vinegar recipe every hour until
symptoms improve.”

3) Eat foods that are naturally high in calcium.
This point may run contrary to your existing line of thinking as far as
kidney stones are concerned, but natural calcium is actually beneficial
for preventing kidney stones. According to a recent study published in
the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology,
dietary calcium actually binds with calcium oxalate, the substance that
makes up most kidney stones, and crystallizes and flushes it from the
body before it has a chance to form into stones.

Because of this,
many experts recommend eating more foods that are naturally high in
calcium to prevent kidney stones. Based on actual calcium absorption
rates, the best foods in this category include leafy greens, cruciferous
vegetables, nuts and seeds, and raw, grass-fed milk and butter. As a
side note, studies have found the exclusively vegetarian diets are
linked to higher rates of kidney stones, so be sure to include saturated
fats from coconut or palm oils to help balance your fat intake if you
do not eat meat products.

4) Supplement with magnesium citrate, B vitamins every day. One of the first things that hospital ERs administer to patients admitted for kidney stone pain is magnesium citrate, a natural
mineral substance that counteracts the oxalate minerals in many foods.
For maximum kidney stone prevention, be sure to eat plenty of
magnesium-rich foods every day — these include avocados, broccoli, raw cacao,
beans, bananas, and lentils — and take a high-quality magnesium
citrate supplement like Natural Vitality’s Natural Magnesium Calm. Also,
it is recommended to supplement with a whole food-based B vitamin
complex supplement like MegaFood’s Balanced B Complex every day to
prevent kidney stone formation.

5) Stop drinking soda pop.
One of the worst foods you can consume for kidney stones is soda pop
beverages, which greatly acidify the body due to their high phosphoric
acid content. There is a lot of misinformation out there about soda and
its effect on kidney stones — a 2010 study actually purported that diet
soda can help prevent kidney stones (http://www.naturalnews.com/028814_diet_soda_kidney_stones.html) — but the truth of the matter is that regular consumption of soda pop is a direct contributor to kidney stones.

6) Stick to a ‘low oxalate’ diet.
Though most of the previous recommendations will help naturally
counteract the effects of oxalates in your body, you can also eliminate
high oxalate foods from your diet if you have a propensity for kidney
stones. Such foods include black tea, grains, and certain nuts and
vegetables. You can learn more about a “low oxalate” diet by visiting:

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