Kidney Stone Treatment: Flush Kidney Stones – A Simple Way to …

Can your body really flush kidney stones in hours? Yes! In fact, 80% of kidney stones can be dissolved and flushed in 24 hours or less.

We have all been to the doctor before and hoped that he or she could fix what is wrong with us immediately. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes days, weeks and sometimes months before we get what we are looking for. However, sometimes a natural cure can work in hours and leave doctors speechless. If you have kidney stones, you’re in luck!

With over 25 years of combined natural health experience, we have heard countless of testimonials from ex-kidney stone sufferers. And do you know what the most popular statement doctors tell their patients, “Drink lots of water and hopefully it will pass.” I chuckle every time I hear this because it amazes me how traditional treatments won’t even consider a natural remedy… even if it works.

Thank You Nurses!

Out of the thousand kidney stone remedies that we have sold, I’ve had numerous e-mails from people who tried our remedy only after a nurse had recommended our remedy. Unfortunately, doctors do not study natural health but are educated in traditional treatment approaches. Doctors don’t know about natural remedies because they were not taught them.

However, with natural health becoming the newest rave, some doctors and nurses have discovered the effectiveness of the high-acid remedy and will share it with their patients. One of our latest customers tried our Flush Kidney Stones Remedy as a last resort before surgery and passed 3 stones in 24 hours.

And why won’t doctors recommend the remedy? Imagine how the surgeons feel about losing $10,000 a surgery.

Tips to Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

1. Phosphoric Acid- Phosphoric acid is a catalyst for dissolving hard substances. Have you ever spilled soda pop on your car? The paint will literally dissolve in days if left on. The same action will also take place to your kidney stones if you consume a diet high in phosphoric acid.

From a research approach, the pH change produced from the phosphoric acid causes increased hydrogen ion secretion in the nephons of the kidney causing the stones to break into smaller pieces.

2. Water-Soluble Fiber- Though doctors always recommend drinking lots and lots of water, they are forgetting something. Fiber flushes the body! Water soluble fiber flushes the body even more. More importantly than all of this, specific vegetables can be a channel to flush your kidneys and more specifically the dissolved kidney stones.

3. Kidney Stone Cherry Remedy- In a 1950s study by Dr. Ludwig Blau, 6-8 cherries eaten daily was documented to reduce the occurrence of gout (a type of arthritis in big toe). However, shocking modern research shows that a daily regimen of eating one-half pound of cherries a day can remedy uric kidney stones. The natural treatment should be used 3-5 days.

4. Your Annual Kidney Cleanse- Have you had your annual kidney cleanse? You should consider one if you haven’t. By cleansing your kidney and liver you can actually prevent future kidney stones. The cleanse can be as simple as a one day cleanse using 5 ingredients.

A 24 Hour Treatment

You can dissolve and pass your kidney stones pain free in less than 24 hours from right now, using a safe, natural Flush Kidney Stones Remedy. Stop searching the internet and piecing together your own remedy! If you want a medical-doctor approved, 100% guaranteed (you heard right!), step-by-step natural remedy that works in less than a day, please visit us today! You will not be disappointed with our 80% success rate in dissolving and flushing kidney stones.

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