Kidney Stone Pain: Can Kidney Stones Dissolve On Their Own – 3 …

Our kidney is basically a blood filter. Similar with any filters, it will have a tendency to clog up as days go on especially if we don’t take care or cleanse it right away. Clogging up is caused by the accumulation of salt and minerals that are not dissolved by the urine because of their high concentration.

The accumulation of these salt and minerals will form in to kidney stones. These may start out as small sized stones that may continue to grow if untreated immediately. Bigger kidney stones will block the normal flow of flushing out of wastes.

This will also cause the kidney walls to stretch and force the stones into the bladder resulting to excruciating pain and discomfort. With such condition, the most immediate treatment is necessary. You will then wonder, can those stones dissolve on their own? Here’s how.

Although you have tried preventing it, the occurrence of them may be hereditary. Chances are you may able to have it. So instead of suffering, eliminate those stones from your system. The best way to get rid of the stones is to flush them out of your system by means of fluid therapies. Thus, here are some fluid therapies that work best and can dissolve on their own:

1. Water Therapy – drinking water will not actually dissolve kidney stones but it will aid in flushing out and the same time it will cleanse your body from any toxins and wastes. It is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day until all the stones are eliminated from your system.

2. Citric-based Therapy – citric acid is an excellent way to dissolve calcium-based stones because acids could dissolve kidney stones naturally within half of the day. You could take in citric acid in the form of juices such as lemonades, orange juice and calamansi juice.

3. Phosphoric-based Therapy – aside from citric acid, phosphoric acid can also dissolve the stones naturally. You could find this on sodas or cola.

Can kidney stones dissolve on their own? Certainly YES! Try these three fluid therapies. It is better than undergoing the risky and expensive surgical procedure. Don’t wait for your kidney stones to get bigger and bigger.

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