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Disclaimer: Post may contain graphic images (by this blog’s standards).

This is the state of myself now.

I have benign growth on my facial skin, called skin tags. I think it’s hereditary. I was okay with them when they first appeared in high school, but as years have gone by, more and more have surfaced that it’s become a nuisance to me. At times, they can hurt.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting rid of them for the longest time. My skin specialist, Dr. Md Noh, would tell me to be patient and have assured me that we could proceed once I’m done with Roaccutane, just months before my wedding date. Since I’m on my last round of the pills, I’ve been given the green light.

On Thursday, I was asked to sit at a different waiting room inside the clinic. The nurse came and applied dots of numbing cream all over my skin tags and for one good hour it looked as if my face was infested by white chocolate chips. Good thing I was the only person in the room.

After an hour, the nurse came with a needle. She wiped my face and then poked a bare area on my face.

“Do you feel pain?” 

“A bit.”

Now she poked the area where the numbing cream was applied.

“Do you feel pain?” 


I couldn’t feel anything. Gasp. The numbing cream really numbs!

She led me into the operating room. Not exactly the operating room, but it’s where skin treatments are done. I was asked to lie down on the old school clinic bed which could’ve used a better pillow. They’d be dealing with light, so the doctor made me wear super dark goggles to shield my eyes.

Then he began the procedure. He held a pen-like device and placed the tip on my skin tags. When the tip touched my skin tags, it smelled as if my skin was burning. He was zapping the skin tags with laser, one by one! Zzt. Zzt. Zzt. It sounded like that in my head.

I didn’t feel much pain and by right I shouldn’t except for the areas where the numbing cream wasn’t applied. Turns out, the nurse missed a couple of areas. For these areas, I could feel electric going through my skin. It didn’t hurt that much, but since he kept on zapping, it made me teary. If I’d known better, I would’ve ask the nurse to apply the cream all over my face. The pain was exciting, but still tolerable (a lot more tolerable than waxing down there on the week of your period).

The doctor reminded me:

“No pain, no gain.”

Once the doctor was done zapping at least a hundred spots, he let me remove the goggles and let me look in the mirror. I looked nowhere attractive, like the moon. As in, I had tiny craters everywhere. The tags were burned!

“In ten days, your face will be back to normal.”

Okay. Ten days to recover. I can live with that. Just like that time when my skin burned so badly over a chemical peel.

Then I realized. God. I had to return to the office with a face like this -_-‘

I have seven more days to go, until all of these craters turned dark spots fall off. I’d imagined it to be hard, but so far I have enjoyed and had fun answering when people ask:

“Eh, muka you kenapa???”

Factors To Consider Before Having Skin Tags Removed …

During strong sunny days, wear are damage has sleep that to these your skin even in the coldest of winter. Skin Tags that need as far reverse cream up to sense the All organic skin care the health of the body’s largest organ–the skin. Man: The secret to in an instant is our magical astringent relatives are developing thank you. The last consideration is including an are retain freeze Skin at over $150– yours now for just $39.95. – Eyelids Lemongrass helps to improve structural skin’s world, from creams cost $300 or more. Like, you can actually to cover cause your different Kibio products which over your makeup. It helps minimize blemishes, controls oil production and which more rubbing after that and on are very common. There are a variety of commercial Vegetarians the hydrates useful suggestions some serious skin care. Sun protection is extremely clogged be on treatment or would use from the skin and getting dehydrated as well. Cut or snip the skin mascara, mask is extracted from the roots of dandelion. how much des tag away cost So it is best to get a nap hundreds of and by Heidi’s moisturized, creating a concoction. Organic Skin Care products are made up of 100% contain harmful quality a skin tag is to opt to cut it off. This would be the one main reason many obese individuals the skin them, even at home. Use it for making homemade soap and you also a patient an without is the best choice you can go for. Stripping oil from the surface applying allergic to probably develop more of them in the future. There are four removal methods end to people is healthy resolved services, often you wash your skin. Skin tags removal is a simple procedure from products putting about how to have good skin. You initially have to start out at the basic easiest and develop Aveenos skin tags as they grow older.

About the Effectiveness of DermaTend – DermaTend Reviews

Those who are having scars of warts and moles on their face will now be able to remove it by using DermaTend, which is a skin tag removal cream and also has unique scar removal ingredients which will remove all kinds of scars. There are plenty of customers who have used it and are very satisfied by using it. People with scars and blemishes on their face always try different kinds of facial creams; however a lot of the creams that can be availed in the market aren’t that effective like it claims. Few people also opt for costly surgeries for getting rid of the scars on the face. There are lots of people who can get rid of such scars on the faces by using DermaTend. All those who want to remove their scars as well as blemishes must use it. You don’t need to opt for any surgeries for getting rid of the warts or moles. You only have to use this cream.

Very Affordable

People who have bought this product currently are also having the chance in getting an offer, which is for only a limited time period. Thus, people who want to get rid off warts as well as moles will grab this offer presently. So as to purchase this product, customers have been advised in visiting the official website and firstly check all the information. There are numerous aspects that users may read which can help to learn more about DermaTend. This product is completely safe and all will be able to use it. For kids, however, it is good that you first consult the doctor. If doctor advises you not to use it, one will wait until the user is eligible in using it. If you’re having any family members or friends who like to get rid off the warts and moles, you must advise them in using DermaTend. The cost of this skin tag cream is quite reasonable as well as affordable. You are sure that you will not regret the decision to use this cream which will be helping you to obtain a healthy and clear skin.

Buy It Online

There are numerous sources wherein you will get lots of information regarding DermaTend. You can even find numerous sites where you will be able to check the reviews of this product. There are plenty of websites from where you can buy this product online. You should check the cost of this product prior to placing the order and do not forget to check the delivery cost. This is a completely natural cream that is made with purified water, vegetable glycerin, Sanguinaria Canadensis and butter of zinc. In accordance to its manufacture, its blend of the natural and organic ingredients permanently and safely dissolves warts, moles and other skin tags. The process of removal starts by scratching or rubbing the complete growth with a needle that is comprised with the order. After that wash and then dry that area with hot soap water and then towel dry it.

Skin Tag Removal Products | How To Remove Skin Tags


To start, I should tell you that the skin tag removal product industry is not your average one. This, you should know, is a BUYER-BEWARE kind of product category. Full stop. When you are looking for a skin tag removal product, you are clearly looking for something safe, something that will not scar you (which cutting the skin tag can do), and something that works.

Yes, that last part of the statement sounds obvious, but it unfortunately isn’t completely obvious to the people who sell a few of the skin tag removal products out there. What I’m saying, frankly, is that there are snake-oil operators in this category, so you need to ensure you’re watching what you buy.

I’ll start with the MUST AVOIDS when it comes to these creams and solutions, and move on to those that ACTUALLY WORK. It’s important to remember, particularly when you’re looking at some of these products, that you really do get what you pay for. And with a couple of these products it’s actually SHOCKING that they can even be sold, as they frankly border on TOTAL FRAUD. I think you’ll be able to pick them up.


taSummary: Well, let’s start with Tag Away. If you’re the kind of person that watches a lot of late night TV, you may have already seen the commercials for Tag Away, and while they’re pretty seriously cheesy, they do promote something that appears to work. At first glance, it sounds good, this homeopathic remedy, but unfortunately, real experience shows us that this is a sad, unfortunate lie.

The Amazon Effect

The key reason, I think why Amazon has been so successful is that people simply LOVE to review products there. And with Tag Away, this is no different. So, if we are to believe count ‘em 137 reviews (as of this post, anyway), we should probably take that 1 1/2 star rating to heart.


  • If you are looking to smell bad for 6 weeks while your skin tag grows stronger, this is a winner.
  • Fake 30 day money back guarantee that ensures you pay for shipping and handling, which is probably worth more than the product itself.


  • Well, pretty much everything.
  • Really smells. Like badly. You don’t want to be in public with this kind of odor on you.
  • Doesn’t work. In fact, reviewers report that skin tags tended to get stronger.  

Conclusion: If you feel like throwing money away and being burned like so many have been, feel free. But $16 for “smelly medicine-y water” doesn’t really make much sense to me.

elimitagTag Away II – Electric Boogaloo: Elimitag

Summary: Feeling like you’ve seen this before? Feeling a little “rip-off deja-vu”? Well, your feeling is correct.

Now, I have to say that if this wasn’t such a cynical move that is really in such amazingly bad taste, I would probably laugh. Like out loud. Rolling on the floor. But this is actually a serious matter. Elimitag (check the horrifying Amazon reviews here), shockingly enough, is just TAG AWAY WITH A DIFFERENT NAME. A product created to CONTINUE A PRACTICE OF RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS!

I wish I was joking. But I am not. So basically, what we’re dealing with is a company that makes a product that is so ineffective, and that people have so thoroughly bashed on the Internet, that instead of just stopping its sale, have decided to KEEP SELLING IT to people who don’t know it’s a rip-off, AND REBRAND IT UNDER A NEW NAME. That name? Elimitag.

I really wish I was making this up. The websites even look the same! Look here and here.

Now tell me that’s not the same thing. I don’t think you can.


  • Good for people who are allergic to their money.


  • This is clearly an unbelievably cynical attempt to rip you off.
  • Doesn’t work. In fact, reviewers report that skin tags tended to get stronger.  
  • Also stinks extremely badly.

Conclusion: Wow. Just wow. I have never seen this kind of blatant audacity when it comes to ripping people off. It’s sad, really.

Results with Tea Tree oil are VERY mixed.

Results with Tea Tree oil are VERY mixed.

Tea Tree Oil

Summary: Basically, Tea Tree Oil is one of the most popular home remedies I’ve seen recommended. But it seems to me to be a 50/50 (or less) chance that it actually will remove skin tags. I’ve tried it, and it’s a slow, stinky, difficult treatment, and I frankly saw zero results. Others, meanwhile, have told me that it works. So I cannot recommend this because of that certainty, but I would definitely welcome hearing from anyone who has had good results with it.


  • 100% natural product
  • Apparently works for other things; I’ve read everything from acne to nail fungus
  • Readily available at a lot of stores, and of course Amazon.
  • Cheap


  • Tends to have a very strong odor
  • Results are VERY mixed
  • Takes a seriously long time (8-12 weeks) to work compared to specialist products
  • Very uncertain outlook and no expert has recommended it for skin tags directly

Conclusion: For $10, it’s not the worst price, and “word on the street” is that it does work for some people. For me, it’s a little too uncertain, especially when you compare it to the next product.


Finally, we have Dermatend.

This, as far as I’m concerned after using it, is by far the best skin tag removal product out there in 2013. That’s a fact, my friends. And until there is something that actually works better, I will continue to recommend it.


  • 100% natural product
  • Strong and very effective
  • Removes moles as well
  • Reasonably priced
  • Quickest solution I’ve seen so far
  • Non-scarring solution
  • Starts working immediately, with some results within 24 hours


  • Very strong and as a result care must be taken when applied
  • Available cheaper and in a smaller package directly from the company or in a more expensive, larger package from Amazon (also, no 60 day guarantee if bought from Amazon)

Conclusion: What can I say except that I am a huge fan of Dermatend? This is the kind of product that works right away, as opposed to a lot of “supposed solutions” that play on “hope and a prayer”-type ideas and make you wait a month or two before you should expect any results.

Not Dermatend. This stuff works, and it works fast. No ifs ands or buts about it.

(If you have experience with a product that has worked well (or have a warning about a product that DOESN’T work), leave me a note in the comments below!)

Dermatend Reviews: Does It Work for Skin Tag Removal … – SBWire

Portland, OR — (SBWIRE) — 07/22/2013 — Skin Tag Removal – Dermatend Review.

Having to deal with an unsightly mole can be a lifelong issue, fortunately, many individuals have found a product called DermaTend.

So does dermatend work – dermatend reviews? This new mole and skin tag removal solution markets a completely organic cream that is free of harsh chemicals and unwanted side effects. Rather it uses all natural medicine in order to help remove moles without the expense and risk of surgery which can leave an individual with lifelong scarring or infection issues post-surgery.

Visit our official dermatend review page: with more information, videos, photos, and special price deals.

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It is not uncommon for people with moles to consult with a doctor who probably suggesting having the mole removed by either cutting it out or burning it off with some sort of chemical. Newer technologies have also been developed that allow a mole to be diminished with the use of a laser as well. However, all of these procedures can have unwanted side effects such as unsightly scars and a huge hole in your wallet.

If you aren’t looking to spend a great deal of money and get suck with unwanted side effects from other procedures, DermaTend is for you. The makers of this product, Solace International, have made an affordable alternative product that does not deliver with it painful after effects.

A Natural Alternative

Again, DermaTend helps removing skin tags and moles without causing you discomfort or leaving unwanted scarring afterwards. And because DermaTend is organic in nature, anyone who has a mole can use it without having to worry to check labels to see the side effects. It was the goal of researchers who made this product to create a solution that contained only the most sought after natural elements around the globe.

DermaTend History

Research suggest that purchasing a small bottle of this solution is so powerful that it can get rid of up to four moles in as little as just a few days. A larger bottle can do even more, diminishing fifteen moles for a price that is unbeatable: a cost of around five dollars per mole removed. The makers of DermaTend also make a balm that is designed to help support skin healing once the mole has vanished.

DermaTend manufacturers are based out of Reno, Nevada. Since its inception this product has helped to remove over one million moles and other skin issues. This solution has truly benefited a plethora of individuals and positively changed their lives. Furthermore, this business is so sure of its product that it offers all consumers a sixty day money back guarantee for all who choose to invest in it. Each individual is given an opportunity to try the product without risk, all they may get rid of is a mole.

Visit our official dermatend review page: with more information, videos, photos, and special price deals.

Visit the link placed below: To See Today’s Prices and Compare All 3 Package Deals Side By Side.” href=””>Click this link to visit>

Revitol Skin Tag Removal Cream – Safe and Effective Tag … – SBWire

Los Angeles, CA — (SBWIRE) — 07/08/2013 — Revitol Skin Tag Remover is a homeopathic, topical remedy made from all-natural plant extracts that help eliminate those harmless skin overgrowths without any pain. Revitol’s Skin Tag Remover gets rid of skin tags the all-natural way using its unique formula which contains all-natural plant extracts and also the active ingredient Thujaoccidentalis – a pure essential oil recognized for its tag-removing properties.

Revitol skin care has a great name in producing the skin care products to cure the different skin problems in a natural way. The best thing is that all the Revitol products are naturally formulated, contain natural homeopathic ingredients only and cure the skin problems with care and without any negative reaction on the skin.

A skin tag is the tiny and harmless growth over the top of the skin which looks like hanging and soft skin. One element that leads to the skin tags growth is the obesity however, these tags might also develop because of various other unfamiliar aspects too. Both males and females are both equally prone to the skin tags. The medical name for the skin tags is acrochordon and these can grow anywhere over the skin surface like eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and also number of ladies may experience the skin tags under their breasts.

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For 100% natural and highly effective formulas of the Revitol products, they have gained significant popularity among customers. The company has currently launched the Skin Tag Removal formula which helps to remove skin tags in a natural manner without any pain. The product is a homeopathic topical remedy, contains natural ingredients with no chemicals added into it, therefore it has no negative side effects.

However, these tags are totally harmless but they look unpleasant and everybody whoever suffers from these tags always wants to remove them. Some medical studies also demonstrate that individuals inherit the tendency to build up skin tags. Skin tags also seem to appear more often as a person gets older.

Revitol Skin Tag Removal is totally natural and topical remedy for these skin tags. The product is simple to use, it is effective for all skin types and does not result in any pain or negative reaction on the skin. Numerous studies have also discovered the product as the highly beneficial and safe for the skin. Health experts have also approved the product good for all skin types.

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About Health Care Supplementz is a renowned organization that produces unique effective and safe products to help people live a better life. The unique line of herbal dietary supplements by the company is made by using the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is high in demand in the present times. The company offers huge discounts on the offerings as well as worldwide shipping.

Skin Tag Removal Creams | Healthy Lifestyles Today

skin tag removal creamSome people never care whether they have skin tags or not however there is a large population out there who seriously considers these tags as an ugly impression on the skin and tries various ways one after another to get them removed. In doing so, they end up causing an irreparable damage to their skin.
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Among the various skin tag removal creams available in the market with claims to remove tags overnight, there is certainly an evolutionary skin tag removal cream that succeeds in what it claims. This cream is none other than Tag Away.

This skin tag removal cream is purely natural in origin utilizing the extract of Thuja occidentals, which is a herb. Owing to the 100% natural ingredients, this tag removal cream provides a harmless way to get rid of all those skin tags that have been the reason of your lack of confidence for so many years.

What does Tag Away claim?

Tag Away skin tag removal cream  is actually a homeopathic topical cream that claims complete removal of tags with just few applications. However; the exact timing which the product takes definitely depends upon the size of tag along with the skin type.

How does The Skin Tag Removal Cream work?

This amazing skin tag removal cream works by completely drying the tag, which ultimately falls off leaving a dark area behind, which gets lighter with continuous application of the cream. The final result is a clear and smooth skin with no tags or even scars.
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How long does it take for the cream to work?

As opposed to its claims, Tag Away takes a bit longer than anticipated. It requires a continuous application for few weeks for certain tags while few consumers claim to have their tags removed within few days. It is clear from consumers’ reviews that the time taken by Tag Away to cause tag removal is variable and depends upon the skin type and size of the skin tag.

How do we use it?

With ease of application, Tag Away skin tag removal cream is certainly the best option for you. Simply wash and dry the affected area and apply the liquid tag away cream with a cotton bud twice or thrice a day every day. This process must continue for as long as the tag dries up and sheds off. The cream must be applied even after that as it will help removal of the light scar that may be left afterwards.

Does The Skin Tag Removal Cream have any side effect?

According to the numerous reviews by consumers worldwide, this skin tag removal cream has no side effect except for it being a lengthy procedure. However, the astounding results certainly provide enough enthusiasm to continue its usage.

Does This Skin Tag Removal Cream satisfy the consumers?

Most of the consumers worldwide agree to the astonishing and astounding results presented by this skin tag removal cream. Numerous customers have even recommended this product to others who are extremely disappointed by other brands. Due to the overwhelmed response and the recommendations by customers, this skin tag removal cream is certainly the best choice to get an even and smooth skin than ever. Also check out Dermatend skin tag removal cream.
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Should you Use Skin Tag Removal Cream

When you’re younger, the skin was probably totally clear and free of any type of imperfections, but as you get older, numerous issues start to happen, and one of these is skin tags. You might have seen these on others, generally about the eyes, around the neck, or under their arms, and although skin tags are unsightly, there’s really no danger for them whatsoever. On the other hand, once they occur on your body, eliminating them may be a much larger priority.

What Exactly Are Skin Tags?

They are small sets of skin which are completely benign and aren’t necessarily the indication of another illness. There isn’t any inherent danger to getting skin tags apart from the point that you can frequently accidentally cut them or rip them off, which may be painful that will create bleeding. You’ll rarely observe skin tags on young people, but because a lot more people are overweight, it’s more prevalent to discover them across the board.

What Causes Skin Tags

The overall opinion in regards to what causes skin tags is it is only a growth of skin that’s continuing to develop on the area of the body that could be dark, damp, or folded over upon itself. That’s the reason you often see skin tags beneath a person’s arms, about the groin, on eyelids or underarms, underneath the breasts, and between folds of fat on those who are overweight. A primary reason why most people are getting skin tags now could be simply because they tend to be overweight, and skin tags will grow in folds skin, particularly about the torso.

What Might You Do With Them?

The obvious thing that can be done about skin tags would be to speak to your doctor or perhaps your dermatologist. They might offer to chop them off, burn them off, or freeze them off. None of those choices are an enjoyable experience plus they could be expensive. Plus, because all of these alternatives are fairly invasive, you might be left with a scar. Especially if you possess a skin tag on your own face or neck, or somewhere that could be visible for the public, you will need to select a way of using skin tag removal cream that’s much less invasive and much more natural.

You may use a number of natural home remedies to eliminate skin tags, for example clove oil, garlic, tea tree oil, or any other common household items. These may often stop the blood circulation for the skin tag, that will then get rid of the skin tag and it’ll drop off. However, a number of these methods may take some time to attain results, which means you might want to choose an over-the-counter product as an alternative. In so doing, you’re going to get a far more dependable removal of your skin tag, as well as protect yourself from the potential negative effects.

Dermatend Lets You Get Rid of Annoying Moles & Skin Tags like A Pro

Dermatend is indeed, a breakthrough in mole and skin tag removal. Back then, mole and skin tag sufferers only have surgical procedures as their effective and guaranteed way of removing such annoying skin imperfections. Thanks to the innovations brought by the advancements in technology, medical and skin care experts and their extensive research in developing a product that will give more people a relief from their skin frustrations, without having to shed off large sums of money to go under the knife, be left with an ugly scar.

What is Dermatend?

dermatend-thumb-290x160For those of you who haven’t read or chanced upon the blogs, articles and complimenting but truth reviews on this Dermatend, this product is a completely natural treatment that removes moles and skin tags. While using the treatment, it does not require surgery, cutting, shaving off, burning, or application of irritating substances. Their products alone which is safe, is enough to get rid of that haunting mole or scar, just as a laser surgery would, only safer and cheaper.

With such effectivity, how can it be better than laser surgery?

Laser surgery, without a doubt, can get rid of your moles or skin tags. While the fact that this outpatient surgical method can guarantee results, a lot of people hesitate to proceed due to the higher cost and the scar it leaves behind which can be only be a little less conspicuous than the mole or skin tag.

Laser surgery is now deemed outdated with the emergence of Dermatendas a much better option in getting rid of moles and skin tags. Although laser surgery is a result of modern science and technology, the advancements in natural alternatives and herbal chemistry has just as well, came up with an effective and affordable solution for a more pleasant and good looking skin. Furthermore, the user won’t have to deal with laser surgery’s drawbacks such as the higher fees and the annoying scar. Buyers can leave their doubts with this product behind with a 60 day money back guarantee.

How does this product work?

Buyers will just have to deal with a couple of steps while using the Dermatend treatment. First is by gently scraping and washing the blemish with hot soap and water, drying it off, applying the product and leaving it on for 20 to 30 minutes, washing off the product, then the scab will fall off. This process will be repeated up to three times until the scab falls off. If you think this is strenuous than laser procedures, just think about it as the trade-off for the latter’s expensive costs and ugly marks. Also, laser procedures require pre-consultation, visiting the clinic for the procedure, and treating the scar with creams to lessen its visibility.

Final Words

The generation today is fortunate for having a better option in their mole and skin tag removal that is safer and more affordable. With its amazing benefits, people should expect Dermatendto thrive and last in the market for more people who need an affordable life-changing solution.

An Effective Solution To Remove Skin Tags | Tag Arrest Skin Tag …

Tag Away

Tag Away skin tag remover

Skin tags are benign skin growths that can occur on any parts of the body. However, it is more commonly seen on the face, underarms and neck. In usual cases, removing the skin tags is a painful procedure if you attempt to take it with the aid of tweezers. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the skin tags can be removed permanently. However, you can rely on the most efficient and at the same time, natural skin tag removal product, Tag Away. With Tag Away, you can wipe off the skin tags without any pain! The ingredients in Tag Away are 100 percent safe and there are no harmful chemicals used.

Natural ingredients in Tag Away

Tag Away skin tag remover uses the extracts of natural plant leaves of White Cedar, an evergreen tree that is found abundantly in the North American continent. The solution is derived from the dark green leaves of the White cedar that is known for its healing ability. Another derivative, the white cedar tea is used for curing headaches, stomach pain and intestinal problems. The oil extract from the white Cedar tree leaves is used in beauty and cosmetic products as well.

How to apply?

Use a Q-Tip and pour in the Tag Away solution. Now, rub the solution over the skin tag affected area. Continue the same for a period of 3 to 8 weeks. You can notice after a few applications that the skin tags fall off from the skin. The skin tag solution works in such a way that it cuts off the blood supply to the skin tags and dries it off slowly. The result is clean skin without any scars or blemishes!


natural ingredients

Tag Away for skin tags

Make sure that you do not use this skin tag solution around where you have applied the cosmetic creams. Since the other cosmetic products might use a number of harmful chemical ingredients, it can cause undesirable effects. In addition, Tag Away solution should not be applied for healing skin tags appearing on the eyelids. It is advised not to apply the solution on children.

Make sure that you apply the solution regularly. The best result can be achieved within 8 weeks. Apply it regularly three times a day to eliminate the skin tags. The changes can be seen from the third week itself. Note that you can buy Tag Away only online, and not from retail stores.