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it would be great if right now, at this moment i could tell you that we’ve found the cure for dandruff. that would be great, wouldn’t it? but i can’t say that – though do know we are keeping our ears to the ground for the genius that eventually does and will let you know as soon as we know. despite the bated breath we hold with you, what i can tell you is that is in the meantime we’ve been testing out dandruff, scalp dermatitis and mild psoriasis shampoos and have found a gem which we gladly deliver to you in the form of this review for Jason Dandruff Relief 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.

when it comes to hair products that work and especially for “special” cases, we know you want to know the goods without the flakes fluff so we’ll get straight to the point. we tested this 2-in-1 on two different scalps and hair types – one that suffers from dandruff (type 3 curly hair) and one that battles dry scalp (type 4 kinky hair; my hair) and every time we used it, little fairies sang all around us.

the side effects of dandruff shampoos can lead to smelly, dry hair and and even dryer scalp, so we thought going as close as we could to the natural route just might deliver better results. what’s so special about this medicated formula is that it both cleanses and conditions at the same time meaning you are not left with that rusty train track hair that most dandruff shampoos bless you with. and yes we know; a 2-in-1 sounds so retro, so cheap and so bad – we can admit that. but trust us, this ain’t your mama’s 2-in-1 dandruff shampoo. sulfate and paraben free, it’s low lather (score for curls and naturally dry hair) and is formulated with jojoba and olive oils leaving your hair soft and supple feeling. the active ingredient is pyrithione zinc which helps to control dandruff and itchiness.

we’re just gonna go ahead and put this out here – Jason Dandruff Relief 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is amazing. it didn’t feel like we were using a “special” shampoo for our sensitive scalp issues at all. we know what you are thinking, “But what does it smell like?!”. like the marsha brady of dandruff shampoos – like the pretties bottle of dandruff shampoo you can imagine. like what all medicated shampoos should smell like – soft, slightly floral and pretty (fragrance is the last ingredient in case you are wondering). after using this, our scalps felt clean and our hair soft and smelled great. using this shampoo was definitely an experience unlike other treatment shampoos that’s for sure. no medicine-y smell, no street tar funk, no crazy price tag. just good old fashion results from a brown bottle. we are a few months in and with only healthy scalps to show for it, we are thinking some sort of open letter may be in the works here. we often get asked what’s the best dandruff shampoo for african american hair. our answer is the same one that’s the best for all hair types and we think we may have found the one. one wash and our dry and itchy scalps are gone?! two washes and no signs of dandruff flakes?! it’s truly unbelievable. nothing short of amazing people.

we love both the Jason Dandruff Relief 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner (great for guys for for those of you who want to skip the wash out conditioner step) and the original Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo which is fortified with MSM, olive, jojoba and rosemary oils and colloidal sulfur. the original shampoo works great on scalps that also suffer from scalp dermatitis and mild psoriasis – even a bit better than the 2-in-1 since it has sulfur as an active ingredient. be warned though, the smell of sulfur comes through the original, which is why we find the 2-in-1 to be a bit more appealing though you can’t go wrong with either choice. we have a special place in our hearts and cabinets for Jason Dandruff Relief 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.


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shampooPure Essential Oils of Spearmint, Lavender, Tea Tree and Chamomile, baby-mild castile soap and aloe vera gel. Concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Loads of lather, smells super fresh and rinses off clean.

We love the Dirty Dog Shampoo. It’s so clean rinsing and smells wonderful. Our dog’s coat looks so much better! I just know if people tried this shampoo, they wouldn’t use anything else.

I just love your Dirty Dog Shampoo! It is the best! Great lather, easy to rinse and leaves our dog smelling better, longer than any other shampoo I’ve used.

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With scalp repair zinc complex. Psoriasis. 3% salicylic acid. Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis shampoo. With Scalp Repair Zinc Complex. Helps eliminate scalp itch. Removes and controls crusty scalp build-up. Soothes scalp irritation; Restores moisture; Helps strengthen hair. With natural extracts. Leader in psoriasis eczema relief. Read what consumers have to say: I have had psoriasis since my teenage years and have tried what I thought was every shampoo on the market. I must say I have never has results this good over the past 50 years. This was the first shampoo that I could really feel and see the difference. Stephen T. Your products are fantastic. I had my first outbreak of psoriasis in 1998 while living in Germany. Your shampoo is the only one that has ever worked for me. I can now go weeks without any visible flaking. Andrew Y., Ph D. Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Shampoo PLUS Conditioner is now improved to provide even stronger relief from itching, and more effective control of crusting, scaling and flaking. Dermarest Psoriasis Shampoo’s one-of-a-kind Scalp Repair Zinc Complex delivers maximum scalp-soothing relief with a unique combination of anti-oxidant and pro-vitamin B5 plus seven conditioning ingredients that help: repair, protect and moisturize the scalp; relieve and control itching, scaling and flaking; thoroughly clean hair and restore shine and manageability without greasy texture; reduce damage caused by free radicals. Count on Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Shampoo Plus Conditioner for the ultimate in irritation-free psoriasis scalp relief.

Product Details


    • Stops Intense Scalp Itch
    • Non-Greasy
    • Color Free
    • Fragrance free



Finding the Best Psoriasis Shampoo | Thinking about more stuff

Human beings are generally sturdy, durable creatures. typical lifetime in the developed countries is actually climbing above 80 years! As scientific and medical knowledge progresses, we’ve come to realize that there are both short-run factors and also intermediate to long-term factors which have an impact on Our health.

In nutrition, this means that there is a minimum amount of Vitamin C we need to keep from getting scurvy. So the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C was once set just high enough to keep people from getting scurvy. Later we began to realize that while low amounts of vitamin C kept us from getting sick, they did not promote optimal health.

The cycle for getting scurvy is measured in months. There is a longer general health cycle in play, measured in years, which calls for much higher vitamin C daily allowance levels.

There are other, longer-lasting cycles of effects of deprivations of nutrients, antioxidants, phytochemicals, probiotics and others that affect us. Long-term deprivations of these seem to lead to problems usually associated with aging, like diabetes, heart disease, senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

On the dark side there are pollutants, toxins, carcinogens and other substances, both known and as-yet-unknown, that have cumulative life-shortening effects on us humans.

All this pushes us to avoid artificial drug solutions and move toward more natural cures.

Knowing this now allows us to successfully treat fibroids in uterus problems and find a highly effective cures for psoriasis. For further information on dealing with and curing psoriasis, just Click Here.

Our biochemistry is very complex. There are genetic links to more diseases and conditions than we ever suspected just a few years ago. As we continue to decode the complex interrelations of genetics, DNA, biochemistry and causes and effects of what we ingest, we are finding new solutions to old challenges in sometimes unusual places.

Disclaimer: This posting is based on information freely available in the popular press and medical journals that deal with medical matters. Nothing herein is intended to be or should be construed to be medical advice. For medical advice the reader should consult with his or her physician or other medical specialist.

– Julio Gonzales

Shocking Truth !! Best Price Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo …

[-] Best Price Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo

Best Price  Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo

Often times it may seem as if you are classified as the solely one that suffers from psoriasis. The reality is a number of other people sense the exact same method. Equally a person cover your current rashes, other folks are in existence carrying out the same principle. The individual in the seat near to anyone at your workplace may possibly have problems with psoriasis and you also would never realize. There are lots of men and women around which experience psoriasis in addition to plenty of additional epidermis complications. In the event it helps, you can become a member of a local support party along with some others exactly like you.

Before you take steps to help beat psoriasis, you need to understand how you get the condition to begin with. Psoriasis could be caused by a number of aspects or several variables most merged with each other. There isn’t any just one sizing fits just about all reason behind psoriasis, everyone is different which is afflicted diversely. The commonest issue is actually innate frame of mind. Check out your loved ones tree and pay attention to in the event that you will find almost any noted situations involving psoriasis, if you are which can be wherever ones psoriasis got their start in.
Best Price Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo

Best Price  Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo

Best Price Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo

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Best Price  Scalp Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo