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Sweating is unfriendly body phenomenon, soeveryone looks ways to get rid of it. They are so indecisive from where tobegin as they are very annoyed and irritated due to clumsy situation. Minds maybe puzzled with queries like: are antiperspirants safe? Should I go for naturalremedies? Which dermatologist to consult? Which deodorant to choose? Lastly thefear settles that” Is it disease and am I sick “? Well all yourquestions have answers. Below you will find everything well separated so thatyou understand your situation and define path for treatment.
Many antiperspirants areuseful to get rid of excessive sweating. To solve the puzzle in user’s mind,actually divide the instances on permanent and temporary treatment.
Permanent therapy:
Superior treatments:
Several options like Suction Curettage or Retrodermal Cutterage ,Sympathectomy, ETS surgery and many more are immediate cure to excessivesweating.
Things to try first
Natural remedies: Treatment like Chinese therapy Acupuncture has proved asgreat remedy for hyperhidrosis cure.
In mild cases of sweating sometimes homemade cures are also effective andactually eliminate the root cause of sweating. Like sage tea, cotton pads,tomato juice, apple cider vinegar with honey, chlorophyll with orange juice,activated charcoal are effective in many cases.
Immediate remedies precisely:
You may find many sites and hard write ups that antiperspirants and deodorantshave temporary effect on excessive sweating. But this is not very true. Todaybecause of many scientific advancements body sprays , medications and pills areuseful and if regularly applied control perspiration. The key content indeodorant is aluminum chloride which is very useful to rest sweating over manybody parts and control foul stink too. If you want immediate effect then theyare best cure and in some cases eradicate sweat forever. This may be option formany people as following treatment religiously is not ability of all due tostrict time schedules and less patience.
Hence the suitable path for you till now should be clear. If you want fastremedy and money is not constraint then botox is ultimate cure for few monthsto rest excessive sweating. Botox will last for 4 – 6 months and then have tobe injected again. Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a neurotoxin protein is widelyused by high end clients more to stop muscle spasms and facial wrinkles. Since,last few years FDA approved botox for hyperhidrosis cure.
Botox is also used to cure other diseases like:
Pain disorders
Unremitting blinking of eyes
Migraine headaches and crossed eyes.
Botox is not cosmetic treatment and is granted by FDA authoritive body. This isvery useful for armpit sweating as injections are given directly at affectedarea.
In next section we shall discuss more on kind of natural treatment as excessivesweating cure.

botox for hyperhidrosis

Excessive Underarm Sweating Home Remedies – LifeMartini

Underarm SweatingAll the elegant dress-up and personality goes into vein when your irritating problem of excessive underarm sweating arrives in between a social function. However, this is a natural process. Our body needs to precipitate for flushing out the toxins and impurities. But, excessive sweating is a matter of concern. There are many products available in the market which can help you in getting rid of the symptoms of excessive underarm sweating. They are expensive as well as harmful to our skin and body.

It is always better to go for solutions in a natural way. To our good luck, there are many elements present in our vicinity which can be used for the treatment of the same. Adopting these simple home remedies can help us in controlling the problem. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few home remedies for the problem of excessive underarm sweating.

Home Remedies For Underarm Sweating

Red Vinegar And Olive Oil

This is a cleansing preparation. Take 30 teaspoons of red vinegar and 30 teaspoons of olive oil in a bottle. Mix both the ingredients nicely and keep it under sunlight for the whole day.

Vinegar And Olive Oil

You need to place the bottle under sun for minimum 7 days and always remember to shake it at least once for 10 to 20 seconds continuously. After 7 days you may use this preparation by adding 3 teaspoons of the mixture into your bathing water. This water will help in dragging out the impurities and toxins from the body, thus reducing the tendency of sweating for doing so. Do this on regular basis for 1 month for complete relief.

Hot Steam Compress And Bath

Steam bath has the capability of cleaning the pores and removing the toxins from the body. It is always a suggested remedy for sweating. In place of steam bath, you may also opt for lukewarm water bath. However, for the underarm area, you may specially go for hot compress.

This will clean the pores which will lead to less sweating. You should always opt for this kind of bath and compress once in a day for control on excessive underarm sweating.

Borax, Baking Soda, Oil And Sea Salt

Make a strong harmless mixture of salts for your bath so that you can help your body clean the impurities naturally. Make a mixture of one and a half cup of borax, 1 cup of sea salt, half teaspoon of baking soda and 3 teaspoon of oil of your choice in a small bowl.

Oil And Salt

Before going for bath, add this mixture to the water and steep for 10 minutes. Later, use this for bathing. Do this regularly for getting rid of the problem.

Natural Powder

Powder is very effective in absorbing the excessive sweating of the underarm area. You can make a powder at home, both for men and women. Take a half cup of white clay or cornstarch as a powder base and mix it with 6 tablespoon of sandalwood powder.

Natural Powder

Now add 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essence oils. Mix it in an airtight container and leave for 3 days so that the oil penetrates the powder base. You can use lavender powder in place of sandalwood powder for women. You can apply it on your underarms for visible change in the condition.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

Take half cup of water and add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Now mix one eighth teaspoon of baking soda into it. Stir well and drink it for visible improvement.

Baking Soda

In case of excessive underarm sweating you may increase the intake up to twice or thrice a day. Vinegar will do the job of cleansing the body and baking soda will maintain the pH balance. This is a tested and safe remedy for the problem.

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Home Remedies to Cure Sweaty Palms | Stop Sweating Spot

Those who are dealing with sweaty palms might actually suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is basically a very rare condition that causes the sweat glands on different parts of the body to be overactive. However, there are also cases when people don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis, but actually deal with a more serious condition.

Treating this condition is a lot simpler than most make it out to be.  There are a few natural home remedies for sweaty palms that people will certainly be happy to try. Depending on the severity of the condition and body chemistry, these remedies might work for some, while for others they won’t really be as effective. Used in moderation and experimenting with a few of them to gauge their effectiveness though is one of the best ways of deciding on a treatment plan.

4 Home Remedies for Sweaty Palms

1. Tea

One of the first solutions people can consider is steeping 5 regular tea bags in 1 quart of water. The mixture need to be allowed to completely cool of and after that, people should soak their hands in it for half an hour. The way this treatment works is by clogging the pores which are responsible for producing sweat, yet in general this will provide only a temporary relief. Daily treatments might be necessary and depending on the severity, this approach will prevent sweaty palms for a minimum of thirty minutes and up to a few hours.

2. Epsom Salt

Several tablespoons of Epsom salt should be mixed with water as hot as the individual can tolerate. Every night, before going to bed, one should soak his hands into the solution for a minimum of thirty minutes. Even though it’s not really clear the way this type of salt works for preventing perspiration on the hands, it seems that it has been used in many cases of people suffering from hyperhidrosis in order to help them lead a normal life.

3. Alum Powder

Considering sprinkling alum powder on the palms as the first thing to do in the morning will prevent the perspiration of the hands for the entire day. People should take the powder with them and reapply it if necessary throughout the day. Alum is very effective and it successfully manages to block the pores and thus counteract sweating even for people suffering from hyperhidrosis.

4. Kava

The root of the Kava herb is very well known for being able to help people who suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in their palms and sipping tea made from it will be very beneficial for soothing the nervous system. As a result, the body’s response to stress will be reduced and the excessive sweating of the hands successfully prevented. Even better, deep breathing and calming herbs will help the body a lot with reacting to emotional crises.

The previous 4 home remedies for sweaty palms are considered to be some of the best natural treatments. By considering these tips, they’ll be able to heavily reduce the level of sweatiness on their palms and lead a more normal life from the very first day of treatment.

Hyperhidrosis Natural Remedy Guide | Health, News, Foods, Recipe …

Hyperhidrosis Natural Remedy Guide

The body regulates its temperature and cleanses itself by means of sweating. However, too much of it can be quite embarrassing. There are certain treatments for such, from antiperspirants, injections to surgery. However, these can set off some side effects. So if you’re looking for safe and effective hyperhidrosis natural remedy, read on to find out a few. I will also be talking about a natural sweating cure guide that I have used to get rid of my excessive sweating problem.

Shower or bathe regularly to help bring down your body’s temperature. This is especially true during hot summer months. As mentioned before, sweating is the body’s means of normalizing its temperature. If you’re cooler, there’s no need for you to excessively sweat. Likewise, it’s your best defense against having body odor.

Put on clothes out of breathable fabrics, like cotton. That’s because it permits air through, so your skin can remain cool and dry. In addition, go for clothes that are loose fitting instead of tight fitting ones. When you wear tight clothes, you don’t allow as much air to circulate between them and your skin, so you tend to sweat more.

Another secret when it comes to clothing is to avoid dark colored ones. They tend to absorb heat, so your problem is likely to worsen. In the desert, people wear dark colored clothes to help them sweat more, so they can feel cooler. But of course yours is a different case. So instead of going for a black tee, go for a white one to stay cooler.

Avoid processed foods as your body will have to eliminate some of them through sweating. What’s more, stay away from hot drinks and spicy foods as they will increase the temperature of the body. Such will make your body want to regulate its temperature through sweating.

Looking for ways to combat stress is another effective hyperhidrosis natural remedy. If you’re stressed out, you tend to sweat more. During work, look for opportunities to have a break and refresh your mind. After the day is over, perform some relaxing activities, such as reading a book, listening to music, doing yoga, or taking up a hobby. I personally managed to get rid of all my sweat problems with a step by step sweat removal guide.

Beat Your Sweating Demons – Learn How to Stop Excessive …

Beat Your Sweating Demons - Learn How to Stop Excessive Sweating NaturallyClick Image To Visit SiteHow to Cure Underarm Sweating, Facial Sweating and Sweaty Palms in a Few Weeks Just by Natural Methods

The majority of excessive sweating sufferers rely only on expensive surgery, antiperspirants and medicines but these only have temporary results. Thankfully, nature herself has provided us with everything it takes to eliminate the problem.

“The desire to take medicines is perhaps the greatest feature which distinguishes man from animals.”

Have you ever been extremely humiliated because you sweat too much? Has your sweat interfered with your personal life – maybe in relationships and at work? Are you starting to get sick of those huge wet spots all over your shirt? If so, pay close attention to what I have to say to you:

Hi, I am Brian Barrett and I know exactly how you feel as I went through it myself. Yes, I have once lived in a world of humiliation, anxiety and depression due to excessive sweating, just like you.

However, although college was pretty bad for me, my experience in a working environment was even worse. I started work at 24 years old and this is when my issue really started to get me down.

During that time, I was in close proximity with my colleagues for ten hours a day and I was “forced” to interact with them, so to speak, so I was always worrying about my sweating – so much so, in fact, that I ended up becoming more and more withdrawn and my work suffered as a consequence. My low self-assurance levels dropped even more, if that was even possible.

That is when I went on a desperate search for an answer to my issue. I tried almost everything under the sun…

So I was ready to give up on all hope when I decided to meet… Read more…

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Effective Home Remedies For Body Odor –

Body odorBody odor is an unpleasant smell emitted by our body, when the bacteria living on our skin breaks down the protein present in the sweat into certain acids. Although the deodorants eliminate this natural odor, the ingredients present in them are harmful to our body.

When you apply deodorants and antiperspirants on the skin, it is soaked up by the body, which causes negative effects. Therefore, people look for natural home remedies to combat body odor.

Home Remedies For Body Odor

Baking Soda

This is quite effective in keeping a check on the body odor. Dust baking soda on the neck, feet, armpits and other areas that cause odor in your body. It absorbs the moisture and eliminates the bacteria that causes odor. Also, you can mix cornstarch and baking soda, which forms an effective combination to combat body odor.

Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV

ACV eliminates the body odor, especially underarm odor, when used instead of deodorant. This is because, it reduces the skin’s pH and bacteria cannot thrive in areas, which have a low pH. You can use ACV as a natural deodorant and get rid of the bacteria that causes unpleasant body odor.

Apple cider vinegar

The armpit odor can be reduced by wiping your underarms with undiluted ACV once a day. Foot odor can be eliminated by soaking your feet in a container filled with warm water and ACV (1/3 cup) for 15 minutes. You can repeat this process 2 – 3 times a week.

Turnip Juice

This is another effective remedy to reduce body odor, especially underarm odor. Squeeze out the juice of a grated turnip. Firstly, wash the underarm and gently rub the juice under the arms to get rid of the odor.

Honey And Alum

You can replace antiperspirants with alum because if you use the antiperspirants frequently, they can clog your sweat glands. Also, you can add honey (1 tbsp) to tepid bath water, which could be used as a final rinse. This remedy keeps the odor in check.

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Homemade Deodorant

You can easily prepare homemade deodorant by using radish (2 dozen) and glycerin (1 tsp). Mix both these liquids and store them in a spray-bottle. You can spray your armpits with this solution to keep away the body odor. Make sure to store the bottle in the fridge after use. Alternatively, essential oils could be used as natural deodorants. Add a small amount of essential oil in water (1 cup) and use when required.

White Vinegar

White Vinegar
This is also a useful remedy to combat body odor. Soak a cotton-ball in vinegar and rub this on your underarms. The smell of the vinegar will be gone in a few seconds and you will remain odor-free for the entire day.

Skip Onions And Garlic

It is a known fact that your breath smells, when you eat onions and garlic, but if you are surrounded by these foods or even strong spices your hair and clothes cling to these odors. The smell is not eliminated until you wash your hair and clothing.

Use Antibacterial Soap

Using antibacterial bath soap will decrease the bacteria count, which in turn reduces the body odor.

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Remedies for Sweaty Hands | ThriftyFun

Most Recent Answer

By andersonpsg


There is a treatment that helps with sweaty hands & feet. My son (now 15) suffers from hyperhidrosis & has since a baby, just not diagnosed until around age 10. Some insurance companies consider it experimental, but will consider paying for it after trying clinical strength antiperspirant, then Drysol (Rx). It’s called “iontophoresis”. The dermatologist & rheumatologist both recommended this as the next step but neither could tell me how to get the treatment. I searched for several months & finally found a connection to it with physical therapists. Apparently they use it for arthritis, etc. I checked with a local PT & she agreed to help us.

There are 2 different types of iontophoresis treatments, one using patches with a solution & the other uses tap water…submerge your hands/feet in the water & it runs electrical currents, using the minerals in the water to control the sweating. We tried the patches with the PT, 3x’s a week & gradually reduced to 1x per week. The only problem w/ the patch is it only worked where the patch was. Since this is a lifetime treatment (just reduces amount of treatments needed), we eventually purchased the water machine to use at home. It covers the entire areas & has worked great (when we actually get my son to sit long enough to do the treatment…lol). I really hope this information will help others with this horrible problem!

Best Home Remedies For Hyperhidrosis – Natural Treatments …

HyperhidrosisHyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. All people sweat during warm and hot weather and during physical exertion but people suffering from hyperhidrosis sweat profusely even when they are not doing any physical work or when the weather is cool. Sweat is produced by the sweat glands which are located under the inner layer of the skin.

It is composed of water, certain minerals and proteins. The eccrine sweat glands are located all over the skin and produce sweat which mainly consists of water to regulate the body temperature. The apocrine sweat glands are situated in the armpits and the groin region. These glands are hormone related and begin their function at puberty.

The sweat produced by these glands mostly contains chemicals, lipids and hormones and very little water which is why the sweat has a very strong and foul odor. Bacteria too thrive in the wet environment and further intensify the odor. Uncontrollable sweating causes a lot of discomfort and deep embarrassment. Excessive sweating can also occur due to certain diseases, weakness, certain medications and infections.

Home Remedies For Hyperhidrosis

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is an excellent remedy for controlling excessive sweating. It restores the pH balance of the skin and prevents the sweat glands from being overactive. Use apple cider vinegar internally as well as externally.

Apple Cider Vinegar

For internal use mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. For external use dab apple cider vinegar under the armpits, in between the toes and the groin. It will remove the stench of the perspiration and help you to stay dry.

Green Tea

This is a time tested remedy for hyperhidrosis. Green tea is full of valuable antioxidants which flush out all the harmful impurities and the toxins from the body and detoxify it thoroughly. Boil a cup of water and add one teaspoon of green tea to it. After ten minutes strain the tea and drink three to four cups daily.

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Cornstarch is another simple remedy for excessive sweating. After your bath, dry yourself thoroughly. Dust cornstarch under the armpits and on all the sweaty areas. After five minutes, apply the cornstarch again to all the areas.


The first dusting will absorb all the extra moisture and the second application will keep you day throughout the day. Cornstarch will put an effective stop to the activity of the sweat glands by blocking the pores.


Squeeze the juice of one raw potato. Apply the juice all over the sweaty areas and leave it there to dry. The juice will absorb the bad odor and the moisture and will help you stay free from a lot of sweat.

Black Tea

Brew lots of black tea and soak your hands and feet into it for fifteen minutes. The tannins found in the tea have huge astringent and antiperspirant properties. They also have antifungal and antibacterial properties which kill the bacteria instantly and put an effective stop to the bad odor. Soak twice daily and soon you will notice the improvement.

Best Home Remedies For Hyperhidrosis, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Natural Remedies for body odor | Body Cleansing

Body scent is among the common problems which can make you feel embarrass, anxious, depresses and isolate. It can affect anybody. normal signs and symptoms of body odor or excess sweating are excessive unexplained sweating, cold or clammy hands, night sweats, loss of appetite, fever, anxiety, weight loss, speedy middle rate and many others. a few of the frequent factors of body odor are anxiety, lung disease, Acromegaly, side outcomes from drugs, substance abuse, hyperthyroidism, Glucose control disorders such as diabetes and pheochromocytoma.
if you are plagued by body odor problem and watching for techniques to eliminate this limitation then you may be glad to know that there are various sorts of ways available to get rid of this problem. different treatments like organic remedies, homeopathic remedies, home remedies, Ayurvedic remedies and many others are obtainable to get rid of body odor problem. I would advise you to get rid of body odor problem with herbal remedies as they’re 100 percent safe and side influences free. Natural remedies are prepared from natural ingredients hence they are safe to use. you may use natural remedies like Sweat Less and DeodoRite to get rid of body odor problem. DeodoRite is prepared from herbal and homeopathic ingredients like Milk Thistle, Galium aperine, Calcium Sulphate D6, Silica D6: Silica, Mag. Phos D6 and Merc. Sol (30C). This natural therapy for body odor comes in small lactose established sucking tablets that get dissolve in the mouth. Adults and teenagers should dissolve three tablets in a smooth mouth three times a day. children should dissolve one table in a clean mouth three times a day. I would advise you to wash body or affected parts of body odor with ClearSkin Skin wash for greater results. Sweat Less is prepared from homeopathic ingredients like Nat Mur (6x), Syphilinum (30C), Lupulus (30C), Argentum nit (6C), Castoreum (30C) and Citricidal. This natural treatment for body odor and excess sweating comes in a tincture formula that enables rapid absorptions into the system. you need to take 10 drops of Sweat Less immediately into the mouth. choice you can take this medication by diluting 10 drops of it in quarter cup of water and sip slowly. children below the age of 12 ought to take 5 drops. you could repeat the dose of this remedy 3-5 times a day until the indicators subside. You can purchase these two natural remedies for body order on-line at healthherbsandnutrition. com   {youtube}. by emotionaltoothpaste
Here’s a query that comes up a lot: is colon cleansing safe? plenty of people think it couldn’t perhaps be. This seems even more unlikely if you’ve got ever study about all of the weird stuff that people speak about, involving their bowel movements, on alternative health forums. Truthfully though, for most individuals colon cleansing is safe. There are some things you need to watch out for, specially the overuse of certain herbs. But for most people who are focused on how they will feel after experiencing a colon cleanse, it must be fine to do. Just be sure you follow the right kind of nutrition and guidance for doing a cleanse. One aspect I think it’s at all times worthwhile to mention is that you shouldn’t usually anticipate that herbs and alternative treatments are safe. So if you have any specific concerns, talking for your doctor is a fair idea. I strongly advise this in case you are taking any kind of medications on a normal basis. A pharmacist can most likely tell you about any drug interactions too. In fact, a pharmacist will definitely be more informed about that anyway. There are two herbs which are commonly included in colon cleansing products and recipes. These are senna and cascara sagrada. Senna is a strong laxative. many of us use it to assist with constipation and you can discover it for your local drugstore aisle. it’s only meant to be used once in a while nevertheless and colon cleanses that remaining one to three months absolutely can not be considered occasional use. the other herb is cascara sagrada. here is just yet another common laxative. Like senna, cascara sagrada is only meant for short-term use, no more than seven days. The problem with either of these forms of laxatives (and quite some others) is that your colon can get used to relying on them. Then you develop a dependency and are always constipated if you aren’t using the herb. This is exactly what you don’t want! The colon cleanse is supposed to support any constipation problems, not make them worse. Fortunately, there are other colon cleanses that you can do that do not include these ingredients. Psyllium husks are perfectly safe to use for most people. You can easily make up your own psyllium and bentonite shake for a simple colon cleanse you can do at home. bestcoloncleansingwsp. wordpress. com What exactly is a homemade colon cleanse or a cleanser? Not many people are aware of the fact that the colon and its health are crucial in controlling the wellbeing of that person. More Colon Cleanse Articles . by BowtrolColonCleanseScam
Colon cleansing is a therapy that’s done to get rid of fecal wastes or body pollutants that are accumulated in the colon and intestinal tract. The speedy foods, junk foods and pollutions has made the show way of life very unhygienic and also affected the natural body metabolism. So the need of colon cleanse products have risen to a greater extent to offer people a healthy way of living.