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It’s been nine years. More than nine years!

Nine years since I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I’ve been on all the prescription medications, alternative medicines, I’ve tried acupuncture, and at one time or another removed all the “triggers” doctors say cause the disease.

Sometimes relief came but always temporary. And yes I tried a crazy vitamin regime that cost me thousands of dollars called Reliv. Nothing ever provided long term relief, therefore nothing worked.

In June, I decided to stop my prescriptions and eliminate wheat from my diet. I had heard through the years from people I worked with and others that their choice to eliminate wheat helped them lose weight, dropped their cholesterol and increased energy and stamina. Perhaps there was something to it.

I was not overly religious in my new diet however my acid reflux symptoms did not get worse. This was the first time I had dropped the prescription medication for a long period, though I did use over-the-counter meds and other holistic methods to help curb my symptoms like apple cider vinegar – with the mother! I had never heard about this “mother” until I saw it at, of all places, Wal-Mart.

About the same time the email coupon craze that gives large discounts to local businesses offered a discount to a local, how should I say it, homeopathic, alternative medicine clinic. My account with the coupon broker had a credit so I thought, why the heck not.

I finally made an appointment and went today.

It was bizarre to say the least. I credit the clinician for embracing my skepticism. Yes, I was honest. I got even more honest when she performed some weird muscle routine to determine what my body responded negatively to.

I lay on my back and raised my right arm at the elbow. The clinician who has a whole bunch of acronyms after her names (NTP, CNC, CNHP) would then place vials of liquid on my stomach and touch my arm. If my arm remained still it was evidence my body showed no ill reaction. If, however, my arm moved which was a muscle reflex (I think) I was allergic or intolerant to said substance. She also lightly touched parts of my body to determine how my organs were functioning, again results based on my twitching arm.

When she told me I had some type of bacterial infection, likely H. pylori, I looked and there was a glass vial lying on my stomach, over my clothes, with liquid inside. I laughed out loud and asked if she can really diagnose such an ailment through a glass vial and my arm twitching. The good sport though she was, indeed, the process similar to acupuncture, showed my body reacting to something.


I went along with the procedures and the results showed an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten and caffeine. Considering I mentioned getting off wheat two months ago during the new patient consult how could she be so wrong!? A number of my organs were also not in harmony or working together correctly or something like that.

So, no more coffee, afternoon green tea or wheat of any kind or form.

The office manager took me next and explained the results further as well as what I can and cannot eat. This diet needed to be strictly adhered too for at least a month in order to weed out all the allergens my body was responding to which was flaring inflammation. I was also given the following herbals:

  • Spanish Black Radish
  • Cal-Amo
  • Gut Flora Complex
  • Whatever kills the bacteria

The herbals supposedly help speed up the healing process otherwise I’d have to stick to the diet for as long as nine months. I can in time, slowly introduce coffee and wheat products back into my diet depending on how I react.

As quackery as this all sounds I did learn that the acid reflux that burns me is possibly lactic acid reflux which, if true, is better than hydrochloric acid reflux. It is the clinician’s belief that I don’t have enough acid production.

Hmmm, I wonder if my 20 year daily 44 oz. Coca-Cola habit had anything to do with this?

All that being said, none of this was really foreign to me. I wondered several years ago, after my own research, if I indeed have low acid production and the acid blockers were simply exacerbating the problem.

In addition to all the paperwork I also got information on their “Jump Start Program.” It consisted of office visits, alkaline water, and consults among other advantages, that if all paid for separately, would total $1,303. Of course, as a packaged deal they’d shave off a whole bunch and drop my total to $750.

Was this late night TV?

So far, the coupon cost me $35 and the herbal medicines $84 for a total of $119.

I’m going back in two weeks. I’m going to at least give the herbals and diet recommendations a try and see what comes of it.

Besides I really want to find out what the BAX3000 is all about.

Stay tuned.

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Food To Cure HeartBurn – Find Home Remedy

HeartBurnHeartburn is a condition often characterised by pain and burn in the chest or stomach, gastric problems, bloating, nausea and a feeling of sourness in the throat. It is a result of gastritis and occurs when gastric acid burns the epithelial lining of the oesophagus resulting in acid reflux. Besides pregnant women, it is also common among other people.

Heartburn can lead to GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) a chronic medical condition, which is detrimental to overall health. There are certain foods that can cure gastric problem, soothe heartburn and ease digestion.  If you experience heartburn or other signs and symptoms associated with acid reflux, you can make a few diet changes that will help in making your body a heartburn-free zone.

Various Foods To Cure Heart Burn


When taken in the right amounts, ginger is the best food for acid reflux. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it is widely used to treat gastrointestinal conditions. You can peel, slice and dice the ginger root or grate it finely using a grater.


You could use this ginger for cooking or in smoothies, which will not only enhance the taste, but also prevents heartburn.

Aloe Vera

Due to its natural healing properties, Aloe Vera is usually used to treat a number of ailments including acid reflux. You can buy the succulent leaves of the plant from the health food or grocery stores. You can use the leaves in various recipes and for thickening the liquids.

Aloe Vera

According to experts, Aloe Vera has the ability to kill Helicobacter pylori (A type of bacteria that supports gastric acid). It is also a good source of vitamins like A, C, E and B1, B2 and B3. Besides, it is a very good astringent and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in curing heartburn.


Fruits like banana and apples are not only a great snack, but also an effective remedy for curing acid reflux as well. The natural antacids present in bananas can help you to get immediate relief from the problem. Besides, it cures constipation and helps in cleansing the digestive tract. However, about one percent of the people suffering from acid reflux found that their condition deteriorated due to bananas. Therefore, it is important to remember that the remedy that works for one person may not be effective for another.

fresh fruits

Apples have phenolic phytochemicals such as epicatechin, quercertin, procyanin and carbohydrates that help in soothing heartburn particularly in the upper abdominal region.  Melon is another effective remedy to treat heartburn. However, like bananas, a very small percentage of people suffering from acid reflux have to avoid it. Cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew are some of the other fruits that help in curing heartburn.


This is the best breakfast choice recommended by the experts. It also makes a great snack that you can enjoy any time of the day. It is quite filling and does not cause heartburn.


Even the instant variety of oatmeal that includes raisins is also fine, as the oatmeal has the property to absorb the acidic nature of the raisins.


Seafood, especially fish contains large amounts of taurine, which is quite helpful in reducing gastric acid. You can take seafood in various forms like sautéed, grilled or baked, but avoid fried seafood items.


Shellfish, lobster, and shrimps are the other type of seafood’s that help in curing heartburn. Always, choose farm-raised variety than wild fish.

Food To Cure Heartburn, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Easy Advice For Curing Acid Reflux |

Do you consider acid reflux your worst enemy? Does it cause you to constantly lose sleep? Has it eaten away at your esophagus to the point your suffering is immense? It is possible to manage acid reflux, and the information below will help you figure out how to do just that.

Do not eat dinner within the three hours prior to going to sleep. When you’re upright, gravity causes both your stomach acid and food to be pulled downward into your stomach. Because of gravity, these acids can rise into the esophagus when you are not sitting or standing, causing heartburn. Therefore, to reduce or alleviate acid reflux, be sure to refrain from eating just before sleeping.

Acid reflux and poor eating habits often go hand in hand. The speed that you eat and the amount will both contribute to acid reflux problems. You will see a detriment to your health if you continue to eat this way with acid reflux. Instead, you should eat only until you are satisfied, not full. You need to eat slowly at the dinner table. Take the time to enjoy your food and stop when you are full.

Your eating style can bring on acid reflux. Most people eat too much, too quickly. This can cause significant problems for someone suffering reflux issues. You want to stop eating when you’re full instead of when you’re stuffed. Additionally, do not eat as quickly at meal time. Lay the fork down between taking bites and slowly chew your food thoroughly.

Keep your head up by raising the top half of your mattress while you’re sleeping. If you do not have a wedge, anything that will lift the head of your bed will work. There are also beds that allow you to make this adjustment electronically.

To lessen the pain caused by acid reflux, consider cutting spicy foods from your diet, including peppers and hot sauce. They can encourage your body to produce more acid, increasing your symptoms. If you eliminate these foods from your diet, you should be able to reduce your symptoms.

Particular Foods

If you are pregnant, there is a higher chance of developing acid reflux. The developing baby can push acid back into the esophagus. A diet consisting of healthy low-fat, low-acid foods is perfect for controlling acid reflux. Drink some green tea to neutralize the acid in your stomach and soothe your esophagus.

Certain particular foods help produce acid reflux in your esophagus. Caffeine based foods, chocolate, and even fried foods are common culprits. Food that are high in acid, like tomatoes and oranges also cause reflux. Specific triggers can vary for each person, so you will have to experiment to figure out which particular foods trigger your acid reflux. In order to be safe, you should stay away from these foods.

If you are dealing with acid reflex, you definitely do not want to exercise right after you eat. The food in the stomach may be pushed up into the esophagus when the lower muscles in the abdomen contract during exercising. Wait a few hours before you engage in any physical activity.

Reflux sometimes feels like a heart attack. Don’t ever ignore chest pains. Chest pains are often a sign up a big problem in the body, like a cardiac arrest. Call a doctor as soon as you can for help. Your doctor will be able to properly diagnose your condition.

Always remain in an upright position while eating and in the two to three hours following each meal. If you don’t, acid is more likely to rise up toward the esophagus. Your esophagus may feel better when you stand or sit up.

Also, try and keep those stress triggers contained. Stress can cause inflammation and heartburn since it causes acid to form in your stomach. You need to eliminate stressful situations and learn to manage your stress more efficiently.

Acid Reflux

Stay away from your trigger foods and beverages if you suffer from acid reflux. Certain foods can definitely lead to symptoms of acid reflux. Your triggers won’t be the same as mine, so while onions may affect me, you may be fine with them.

Exercising after eating can be a disaster if you’re suffering from acid reflux. This is because you can force digestive acids upwards as you exercise. Wait at least one to two hours after a meal before exercising.

You should have your dinner three hours before sleeping. If your bedtime is at 11 p.m., you would avoid eating after 8 p.m. Lying down whenever your stomach is full causes your LES muscle to open due to the added pressure. When you do that, you’ll have acid reflux flare ups.

Are you aware of what you need to do to prevent acid reflux? Are you prepared to finally sleep well? Don’t you want to heal your esophagus? With your newly found knowledge, you can start to change your life for the better!

Natural Remedies for Heartburn | Natural Cure For Heartburn

Heart burn is called acid reflex by the doctors .The stomach produces gastric juice 2 litres daily and is protected by a mucous membrane of the acid. The stomach acid breaks the food up and kills bacteria and is therefore an urgent need for digestion.

Normally, the oesophagus by a sphincter against the aggressive gastric juice, which contains hydrochloric acid and pepsin, protected. Is this weakened sphincter, the acidic stomach contents into the oesophagus flow back. This is the mucosa, which is very sensitive; irritated it creates unpleasant heartburn and it cause of heart burn. Heart burn is triggered from substances like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Sometimes fatty foods, obesity, , pregnancy, and certain medications  also promote heartburns. At stress often leads to heart burns. Symptoms of heart burn are by gastric pressure, stomach pain and acid regurgitation. The  feeling can be described as burning and stinging beef up to from the upper abdomen and sometimes even to the neck. When the stomach acid reaches the mouth, this is called acid reflux. Symptoms that show up directly in the oesophagus, are cough and hoarseness laryngitis and asthma. If these problems or symptoms persist for a longer time then a doctor should always be consulted and proper medication should be taken. Sometimes sudden weight loss and blood in the stool also are serious symptoms of this disease. Upset stomach or generally problems with the digestive tract can, with all the other symptoms that cause heartburn. Too many drugs have heartburn as a side effect. If you are prone to heartburn very simply, it is advisable in this case to ask the doctor or pharmacist, or look up on the package insert

It is not essential that you should always take a strong medication to get rid of a disease. In many cases some natural home remedies like juice squeezed from raw potatoes may reduce heartburn because it binds acid  also work for heart burn. Another home remedy for heartburn is cabbage juice. One more home remedy for heart burn is chamomile tea . The drink should be drunk in small sips. This wonder tea dilutes the acid present in stomach and stomach lining. At times a simple glass of water can also do wonders in curing you from heart burn by soothing the stomach. Fennel, caraway and other herbal or natural teas are very good and effective remedy for curing an individual from heart burn. Another effective cure for heart burn is dissolved soda in pure and cleaned water. It avoids stomach acid but there is disadvantage of this remedy that the carbonic acid is formed due to baking powder and this formation can lead to regurgitation. Almonds, nuts and oatmeal bind eaten dry and chewed well are also very effective in curing you from the problem of heart burn. Even chewing gums alleviates the discomfort  and irritability. A hot water bottle can also be very effective in reliving you from this problem as humidity, warmness etc. compress the abdomen and gets relive from the problem.

Acid Reflux Cure Found in New Holistic Remedy E-Book Written by …

Albany, New York (PRWEB) September 02, 2012

Acid reflux is a condition that an estimated 72 percent of the population struggles with each year. While those that do not have this condition may not understand it, those that do reportedly spend millions of dollars each year buying antacid liquids, pills and gel capsules. Former heartburn sufferer turned author, Jeff Martin, has used his medical research to find holistic cures for heartburn that require no doctor prescribed medications. This new information is available in Jeffs new Acid Reflux Cure e-book that is available for immediate download.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease or acid reflux involves stomach acid contents that become ejected back into the esophagus causing erosion. The inflammation that a person experiences can often be mistaken for heart attack symptoms according to published medical journals. The stomach acid is often controlled with over-the-counter medicines or those that a doctor can prescribe. One of the complaints with these medicines is the chalky taste and the mere masking of symptoms without curing them for good.

The holistic remedies for heartburn that Jeff Martin has uncovered are ones that are not made public by doctors or pharmaceutical companies that earn money from checkups and sales of medicines. Jeff is a former sufferer of acid reflux and heartburn symptoms that became fed up with living his life in pain. Part of the research concluded was that of Jeffs own findings and has lead to the new publishing of his holistic Acid Reflux Cure e-book.

One problem that heartburn suffers have is giving up certain foods that are known contributors to flaring up heartburn and its many symptoms. According to Jeff in his e-book, a person can eat as he or she pleases without living in fear of igniting heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. The heartburn diet information that Jeff reveals in his book allows someone to continue eating standard foods.

The length of time that is reported to cure heartburn and acid reflux for good in Jeff’s book is approximately eight weeks. Instead of making the problem with acid decreasing pills, the completely natural methods that are described in the Acid Reflux cure e-book are designed to help someone cure heartburn quickly and easily at home.

About Acid Reflux Cure E-Book

Jeff Martin is an author, nutritionist and medical researcher. After decades of suffering from heartburn, he decided to do something to help himself and others like him. Years of trial and error were completed and all over-the-counter products were tried with little success. The complete information in the Acid Reflux Cure e-book comes from personal findings as well as published medical reports that are not made public to heartburn and acid reflux sufferers. The holistic methods that are explored allow anyone to try curing heartburn for good and a generous 60-day money back guarantee is offered with purchase of the Acid Reflux Cure e-book.

Easy Advice For Curing Acid Reflux | New Year of Better Health

Easy Advice For Curing Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is very difficult to deal with. Dealing with this issue starts with a great education. Reading articles like this can explain how some lifestyle choices can treat this condition.

If you have acid reflux, fatty foods are your enemy. Foods high in fat relaxes the esophageal sphincter which in turn contributes to the acid flowing in the wrong direction. Not only will it give you acid reflux, it will contribute to weight gain which makes the problem even worse. The healthier you eat, the healthier you are!

Try to reduce stress at all costs to reduce acid reflux. If you feel a lot of anxiety, the stomach generally creates more acid. Relax after you eat. You might meditate, read or simply watch some television.

To help combat acid reflux, use something to raise up your bed at the head portion only. You can do this by putting a brick under the headboard. You can also prop your head up with pillows. Try to adjust the head of your bed at least six inches. When your chest and head are elevated, it will make it quite difficult for acid to rise upwards during sleep.

Acid reflux can be triggered by certain foods in most people. Find out what these triggers are for you and reduce your consumption. Stay away from things like tomatoes, milk and alcohol.

Acid Reflux

Avoiding acid reflux often means avoiding stress. Stress is a leading cause of excessive stomach acid production, which can cause acid reflux. Eliminate the triggers to solve the problem at its root.

Regular, moderate exercise helps reduce acid reflux attacks by improving your health. Moderation is the key here. Tough workouts may irritate the digestive system and promote reflux, but lower-intensity ones, such as walking, really can ameliorate your symptoms. These exercises will keep you upright, allowing gravity to facilitate your digestion. Losing weight can also help with heartburn.

If you are fed up with acid reflux, you need to take action. That time is now as you have the information you need to make the changes necessary. Eat well, get plenty of exercise and use the other tips here and you will feel better right away.

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Acid Reflux Diet and GERD Diet Natural Cures, Treatments & Remedies

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Proper Flower Etiquette article

Flowers are great gifts for practically any occasion, but there are some basic rules of flower etiquette. With the popularity of ordering flower delivery online, some buyers may not get the sound advice they’d get from a local florist. This guide presents the real meaning behind different flower types, and when they are best used.


Red Roses: Red roses are always a great gift for a lover for practically any occasion or for no occasion at all. Indeed the power of “I love you” behind long stemmed red roses given to a significant other is a winner for any occasion, and is especially powerful when given for no occasion at all. The red rose signifies “romantic love”, so it may be a bit much in some cases. However, most will find that red roses are a consistent winner.


Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are the flower of friendship. They are a perfect gift for a co-worker or sibling. However, they might be too timid to express romantic interest. They do not express the romanticism of the red rose.


Pink Roses: Pink roses are the flowers of secret love. They are a perfect medium between the friendship of a yellow rose, and the romantic love of the red rose. They express a secret love, and should not be mistaken purely as a friendship gift like the yellow rose.


White Roses: White roses are the flowers of innocent love. They are ideal for family members and family occasions, even funerals.


Carnations: Carnations are the flower of fascination. They are an ideal flower to give to a romantic interest that has not yet blossomed into a relationship.


Orchids: Orchids are the flowers of love and beauty.

They can be given for practically any occasion to practically anybody. Orchids are universally appealing flowers that do not carry significant meaning for most occasions.


Daisy: Daisies are the flowers of loyal love. They are a perfect flower to give to a mother on Mother’s Day, or for any occasion. Picking Daisies for Mom practically goes along with Apple Pie.


Lily: The Lily is the flower of purity and sweetness. It is an ideal flower to give to a niece or daughter.


Chrysanthemum: The Chrysanthemum is a flower of friendship, so it will go well on any occasion, but may not be ideal for expressing romantic interest.


Flowers are great gifts, and it is difficult to do too much wrong when getting flowers for anybody. But if you follow the etiquette noted above, you will be able to express yourself better with flowers.