Cure for Hair Loss – Treatment for Hair loss by Provillus

Visit to know more about hair loss and the treatment options. In men, baldness is caused by a change in the hormone called Di-hydrotestorone or DHT. The excessive production of the hormone is what causing hair loss in men. Women, on the other hand, suffer from alopecia due to different factors such as diet, environment and hormones. Biotin and magnesium, which are contained in certain dietary supplements, can initially treat alopecia in women. Due to the different characteristics of, and factors causing, baldness, hair loss treatment for women may not always be suitable for women to use. Discussing treatment for hair loss in detail, http notes that there are many products that treat hair loss problem, but most of them are either unsafe or provides only temporary results. The website, in its quest to help hair loss sufferers, has found a product that comes with the unique and safe formula for both men and women: Provillus. According to, Provillus works from inside the body and helps grow the hair naturally with its combined topical medication and nutritional supplement characteristics that help to treat the