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Painful, common and potentially dangerous are words used to describe kidney stones. Some of the reasons they occur may include factors such as:

o Genetics
o Diet
o Infections

Kidney stones usually present a problem when they are too large to pass through the urine naturally. In order to pass into the urine, they need to be small enough to pass through the urinary tract first.

For severe cases of this condition, people will normally turn to surgery or drugs. If you are currently suffering and are looking for some relief then it may be time to consider a natural or herbal kidney stone treatment that can also help to relieve this problem.

If you have experienced this problem in the past then you are more likely to suffer from them again, especially if this ailment has also been genetically inherited. It would be a great idea for you to start looking for a herbal kidney stone treatment and follow a suitable diet, which can help in the prevention of future stones.

If you are looking to treat the condition on your own, it is important to realize that hydration plays a major role. You can increase hydration through the increased intake of pure water in a daily basis. This pure water will help to dissolve the stones as naturally as possible.

Many herbs can be useful as diuretics to assist in washing them out as well as other harmful toxin build-ups. Herbs can work effectively when taken as a tea, although they are also available in capsules as well.

Here are some of the most useful herbs that you can use for a herbal kidney stone treatment:

o Dandelion
o Couch grass
o Buchu
o Cleaver

All of these herbal kidney stone treatment options have been successful in the past. Add a touch of lemon to your daily water intake, as this can provide some relief as well.

A healthy and nutritious diet can also assist, so make sure you are eating as many natural fruits and vegetables as you can. Always try to avoid anything that could cause you to dehydrate or any that have the potential to irritate the kidneys.

You may need to put that cup of coffee down now! Caffeine and alcohol should be limited, along with cutting down on excessive sugars.

Stress plays a big part in any health issues and illnesses, so try some calming techniques to see if you can relax. If you are unsure where to start, you might like to consider a yoga or meditation class.

This is a very painful condition, there is no denying that, but you can take steps to keep pain at a minimum and attempt to prevent stones developing in the future through a thoroughly researched natural or herbal kidney stone treatment.

Kidney Stone Stage: Natural Ways to Dissolve Kidney Stones

Kidney stones vary in size and can grow large enough to cause severe pain. Sometimes they are so small we never know that we have them in our body. There are different types of kidney stones but calcium is one of the most common types. Everyday we eat foods that are high in calcium and oxalate. And we have to be careful if we are at a higher risk of getting a kidney stone.

You do not want them to return, so you should find out what you can do to stop them from reoccurring. There are natural ways to dissolve these stones that you can try. You can try and use tea to dissolve them in your body. The Chinese have been known to use certain herbs made into tea to help to cure kidney stones. Some of these herbs are sarsaparilla, meadowsweet and plantain. These herbs are known to remove the excess uric acid from within your body.

There is another type of tea that is specially made to help cure and stones. This type of tea can be easily made and has been known to be effective for natural ways to dissolve them. It is made of herbs like wild yam root, yarrow leaf, hydrangea root, corn silk, plantain leaf and cramp bark. Diuretic tea can also help in the dissolving process.

It is a natural remedy that is made from fennel seed, dandelion, corn silk, nettle leaf and oat straw. It is a easy tea to prepare. You can drink two cups each day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Some people may use wild herb. Goldenrod can be very effective in helping to dissolve a kidney stone.

There are other natural ways to dissolve kidney stones without having to go through surgery. The first and best thing you can do is to drink lots of water. Your body needs to be able to flush out impurities and drinking water can help to do this. You should drink fluids that contain phosphoric acid.

This is found in soft drinks that people drink every day. These acids found in soft drinks can help in dissolving them. Drinking fluids that contain this ingredient may help you from having to go to the doctor to have a large stones removed.

Vitamin D And Kidney Stones | Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones

In recent years, certain studies have sought to determine the cause of kidney stones, and one particular study made by Harvard managed to show that people who were ingesting 400 IU of Vitamin D and 1,000 mg of calcium per day had a 17% higher risk of developing kidney stones than those within the placebo group. These supplements were in excess of the daily ingestion through a regular diet, however the results show a significant risk to develop kidney stones for patients who take Vitamin D and Calcium regularly. Vitamin D is a very important element of a healthy diet, as it allows the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for the good functioning of the body and healthy bones and tissue. In recent years, a concern about whether Vitamin D can cause kidney stones has grown, and it would seem that an excess of ingestion of this vitamin, especially through the use of supplements, could certainly be a risk factor for kidney stones.

Can Vitamin D Cause Kidney Stones In Children?

Vitamin D can cause kidney stones in children. Children are especially susceptible, as they require a lower amount of Vitamin D than adults and also are more likely to fulfill their requirements through food and sunlight alone. Although children tend to have healthier internal organs, the strain that an unbalanced diet and excess of vitamin D could place upon their kidneys is a risk to be taken into account when giving supplements to your children. In infants born prematurely Vitamin D can create kidney stones. The infant body is not fully capable of accepting certain forms of milk which contains high doses of Vitamin D. In older children Vitamin D is given mainly in the form of milk products or complete vitamin essentials. Usually these amounts are determined by the child’s age and body weight. If given in high dosages, Vitamin D can cause health problems that lead to deformities or conditions such as kidney stones. Always ask a Pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns related to the correct dosage of Vitamin D for your child.


Safe Intake Of Vitamin D and Calcium Dosage

Making sure you use the correct amount or combination of Vitamin D and calcium can reduce certain health risks. Here are recommended safe dosages of Vitamin D in conjunction with other various vitamin combinations:

Vitamin D consumption by adults should never exceed 800 IU, and Calcium ingestion should be limited to 800 to 1200 mg per day. The recommended dose however, is roughly 600 IU per day, including any supplements and the natural ingestion of these elements through a balanced diet. In the case of children under the age of 18, the levels of ingestion should be lower. Under no circumstances should it exceed 400 IU, and taking into account that children often engage in activities under sunlight and that most milk and juices tend to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. It is likely that infants, babies, toddler and older children regular diet and activities supply them with enough Vitamin D and Calcium to remain healthy. If there are suspicions of a Calcium or Vitamin deficiency, you should talk to your child’s doctor but never give the child supplements without medical authorization.

Overall, Vitamin D is an essential element of a healthy diet. The body need a supply of Vitamin D to help your body remain in good health. Vitamin D can be obtain through the body layers of skin that is exposed to sunlight or various food products such as spinach and wild caught fish known as Salmon and Mackerel. As long as your body gets at least up to 12 ounces of Vitamin D through your meals, you will get the dosage your body need. Complete daily vitamins is also a great way to obtain your daily Vitamin D and Calcium dosage. It is important to not exceed the recommended daily dosage and remain vigilant when using supplements. To answer the question of whether or not Vitamin D can or cannot cause Kidney Stones, the answer is YES, Vitamin D can cause kidney stones. Proven studies show that excessive use of Vitamin D can be a high risk factor for creating kidney stones. So please be cautious of the amounts absorbed on a daily basis.

Vitamin D Kidney Stones

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Flush Kidney Stones Safely and Naturally:

Kidney stones are accumulations of mineral salts that can lodge anywhere along the urinary tract. 80% of the time, they are calcium stones (calcium oxalate), a condition known as hypercalciuria. This is mainly due to a diet consisting of too much animal protein. The consumption of animal protein is strongly associated with oxalate production. The body reacts by producing an excess of acids to digest meat and other high protein animal and fish foods. The excess acids cause the pH balance of the blood to become too acidic. The body leeches calcium (an alkaline mineral) from the bones to restore the ph balance in the bloodstream. The remaining calcium is eliminated through the urine in the form of calcium oxalate. When there is a high enough concentration of calcium, it begins to crystallize and form small clumps, which eventually become stones.

A health-supporting vegetarian diet that emphasizes low protein foods help prevent the formation of Calcium Kidney Stones in most people and would be of particular benefit to those who suffer from recurrent stones.


Pain radiating from the upper back to the lower abdomen and groin, frequent urination, pus and blood in the urine, absence of urine formation, and sometimes chills and fever. The size of the stones can range from a microscopic speck to a fingertip.


  • Herbal detoxification products may be helpful in dissolving kidney stones nad flushing toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, and thousands of other poisons out of the body. We suggest using formulas that use organic, whole herbs.If interested, take a look at the Kidney Bladder Formula and Hot Cayenne Extract.
  • We suggest a high quality whole food supplement, like VITAFORCE that is complete and made from whole foods which corrects nutritional deficiencies and boosts the immune system.
  • In the morning, drink the consuming the Kidney Flush drink; 8-16 ounces of distilled water. The juice of one lemon and lime. 5-15 drops of the Hot Cayenne Extract, and a touch of maple syrup for taste (optional). This drink may help eliminate toxins and dissolve kidney stones.
  • Eat a diet containing raw fruits, vegetables, juices , and whole grains, legumes Particularly, eat watermelon, garlic, potatoes, asparagus, parsley, watercress, celery, cucumber, papaya, and bananas. Eat the watermelon by itself.
  • Drink an 8-16 ounce glass of distilled water every hour; essential for urinary tract function.

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“Prickly heat” is especially seen in people who, unaccustomed to high temperatures, are exposed to extreme heat of the summer and is also seen in those wearing an excess of clothing in the summer. Perspiration is a mechanism that helps regulate the body temperature by cooling the skin as it evaporates; but in this condition the sweat gets trapped under the garment resulting in blockage of the sweat ducts and heating up of  the skin.complains of itching, burning, redness and inflammation of the skin in patches with formation of small red vesicular eruptions, about the size of a pin’s head with an inflamed base. The areas usually affected are the ones where the sweat usually collects (armpits, chest, back, etc.) or where the skin repeatedly rubs against skin (e.g. inside of breasts, inside of elbows, armpits, buttocks, etc.).

Wear comfortable, loose fitting, cotton clothes and take cool showers or apply wet cold compresses to help decrease the complaint. When the skin is very red and angry-looking put some ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it in a towel and apply it locally every few minutes till some relief is obtained.


1. Drink a lot of diluted limejuice, coconut water, buttermilk or lassi and water flavored with Khus grass roots. These decrease the overall heat in the body and thus prevent the prickly heat.

2. Almond and grapes (especially dry grapes) are very useful for these patients.

3. Increase your intake of Vitamin C by taking more of citrus fruits, black currents, green peppers, parsley, broccoli etc.

4. Fruit juice should be taken in plenty by these patients.

5. Application of sandalwood paste has a cooling effect and so heals the inflamed skin or  dried sandalwood powder and powdered coriander seeds (dhania) is mixed in rosewater and applied over the affected parts.

6. Aloe vera gel is a soothing itch controller.

7. Make an infusion out of chickweed and apply it locally over the patches.

8. Grated coconut is ground well with a teaspoonful of cumin seeds (jeera) and the coconut milk is extracted from it. This milk is applied over the body and after that a cold bath is taken.

9. The soft pulp of palm-fruit (Targola) also has a cooling effect and so is an effective remedy for prickly heat.

10. A paste of seeds of Jambul tree is applied locally.


Kidney stones develop when the concentration of minerals in the urine like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, uric acid oxalate or xanthine becomes too high thus resulting in a build-up of their crystals (which are normally flushed out of the system during urination) in the urinary tract. The signs and symptoms differ Parsley, Red Clover, Uva Ursi, Pumpkin seeds and Watermelon seeds are useful herbal remedies for dissolving kidney stones. 19. Take half a glass of 

Kidney Detoxification: Why do you need? | Health

What’s in it for you?

In our world today, there are many toxic materials wherever you go. The water we drink, the food we eat, and even the air we breathe is never an exception. Therefore, a detox plan is required for each one of us to submit. Cleaning of the various organs of the body is called detoxification murderer. As we all know that one of the most important mechanisms for detoxification of the body is our kidney. He is responsible for filtering wastes from the blood. And through the urine, harmful substances are excreted.

Too many calories diet will trigger the risk that their kidneys clogged with grease. These fats block the passage through the kidneys to eliminate toxins. That is why we must eliminate these fats. The only way to help return to their state of health of older kidney is the detoxification of the kidneys. We must remember that a healthy kidney is the only way to help our bodies perform its functions properly.

Some herbs needed to restore the health of our kidneys

There are many herbs that can help us find the health of our kidneys. It is also necessary to revitalize the kidneys. These herbs cleanse the body and rebuild at the same time. In fact, the detoxifying herbs can be a good treatment for kidney stones.

This beautiful gravel base can actually dissolve kidney stones. Other herbs such as marshmallow root, root of turmeric, dandelion root, parsley root, lemon grass, ginger and liquorice are contributing to the revitalization of the kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands.

Knives, Poria Cocos, or grape leaf extract and help tone and strengthen the kidneys. The problem of excess water retention can also be solved by these herbs.

Wu Zi Wan is an old formula that can help China improve the kidneys. Cornus, Poria Cocos, Alisma, Rehmannia, Cuscuta, Plantago seed, Schizandra, Fructus Rubi, lycii and Berry are the herbs used in this formula. This is primarily used to detoxify the kidneys.


In summary, in addition to these herbs can be used to detoxify the kidneys, there are some other traditional methods that can be used as drinking a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and honey every morning. A healthy kidney will lead to a healthy and fit!