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There can be definitely no doubt in the truth that the body needs many vitamins and minerals for its well being and growth but at the very same time it ought to also be kept in mind that the hair is also critical for a particular person and there are specific hair vitamins for growth that are necessary to be taken on a typical basis in order to make sure typical and steady growth of hair. These vitamins assist in the healthy growth of the hair and on an quick basis. Vitamins that aid in stimulating the method of hair growth have been enumerated as under.

hair vitamins for growth Benefits Of Hair Vitamins For Growth

Vitamin A

Vitamin A performs as an antioxidant and aids in producing the healthier sebum that is necessary by the scalp so that it is enabled to generate excellent good quality hair. Vitamin A also needed for shiny and supple hair. Not only the hair but the bones and th4e nails also develop more rapidly and stronger with the support of vitamin A. The health of the skin and the nerves is also mentioned to improve with the intake of vitamin A. Meat, fish liver oil, eggs, cheese, cabbage, apricots and carrots are mentioned to stimulate the growth of hair as they have higher doses of vitamin A content in them.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E aids in increasing the oxygen intake of the body that ameliorates the circulation in the scalp helping in hair growth. It is a vitamin that is necessary to increase the strength and the good quality of the scalp that is extremely crucial in order to normalize the method of hair growth.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 improvises the process of circulation of blood in the body and in the scalp also. This improves the overall health of the scalp which automatically results in hair development in the future. It also helps in slowing down the method of hair loss and is in a position to eradicate this problem from its quite roots. This is carried out by strengthening the scalp and delivering a common conditioning to follicles of hair that are strengthened in such a way they do not make poor high quality hair. This vitamin is typically identified in fish, wheat germ, meat and turkey, consequently men and women with hair loss and development difficulties must make it a point to take these foods on a normal basis.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is also recognized as pantothenic acid which helps in the loss of hair and also in the graying approach of the hair. Vitamin B5 is also identified to stimulate the hair expanding procedure and is discovered in brewer’s yeast, egg yolks and organ meats.

Vitamin B6

The melanin content material of vitamin B6 aids in sustaining colour of hair and at the identical timer this vitamin is also identified to reduce the rate at which a individual starts losing his or her hair. This vitamin is extremely crucial for development of the hair as it is recognized to contain the supplements that are necessary for hair development. This vitamin is deemed to be the ideal of all hair vitamins for growth.

p                                  Benefits Of Hair Vitamins For Growth

Beauty Vitamins | The Lil Spa Room

Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the key vitamins that helps to keep your hair shiny and thick.

• It prevents greys from appearing so that you look younger and so that you can refrain from dying your gorgeous locks for a little longer (unless you feel like it that is).

• Finally, folic acid lends a lot of moisture to your hair so that it’s less likely to break. After all, who wants dry and damaged looking hair?

Vitamin B Complex

There are many different types of vitamin B, including B6, B1, B12 and Biotin. Taking vitamin B complex is like taking every one of them as well as folic acid all at once.

• It helps to prevent wrinkles and more importantly skin cancer by fighting free radicals.

• It also promotes cell reproduction so that your skin looks and feels healthier.

• Should you ever suffer from the effects of getting a nail fungus, vitamin B complex helps to speed up the healing process.

• Not only does it make your locks appear to be shinier but it slows down the greying so that you look younger while saving money.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is infamous for being good for your skin. But did you know that it’s also good for your hair and nails?

• Helps to repair severely dry skin so that you always feel smooth.

• Helps to soothe sun damaged skin and prevents skin cancer.

• Contains antioxidants that help it fight free radicals so that you see fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

• Promotes the growth of soft hair while reducing frizz, breakage, split ends and hair loss.

• It helps you grow stronger, longer nails.

Vitamin C

Often times vitamin C brings on thoughts of drinking orange juice in order to fight a cold. However, this super vitamin can do a whole lot more than that.

• Great for repairing sun damaged skin.

• Improves the tone and texture of your skin by making it firmer so that you have fewer wrinkles.

• Packed with collagen building antioxidants which improves your skin, hair and nails.

• Fights free radicals that cause premature aging and hair loss.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is often times forgotten, but is just as important as the other vitamins on this list.

• It helps to reduce dark under eye circles which is great if you’re up with the baby all night or if you’re a party animal.

• It helps to reduce the appearance of bruises on the skin so that you can keep going to those kickboxing classes that you love.

• Fight free radicals for more youthful looking skin.



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In the News – Vitamin Supplement Contained Anabolic Steroids …

Snippet from the article:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning about vitamins sold from a Long Island-based company.

At least 29 people were sickened by Purity First Health Products’ B-50 vitamin supplement because of traces of anabolic steroids, the FDA said. The product is sold in stores and online.

Candice Tripp, the owner of the company which is headquartered in East Northport, told WCBS 880′s Sophia Hall she has been in business for over 20 years and finds it hard to believe the product was dangerous.

Read the rest — FDA Says 29 People Sickened By Vitamin Supplements From L.I.

The article has a local slant to it since it appeared in the CBS New York website, but the product was sold over the web to people all over the US and marketed as a vitamin while containing the steroids methasterone (a controlled substance) and dimethazine.

Apparently the company refused to recall the supplements, even though some people “experienced fatigue, muscle cramping, and muscle pain” according to the FDA. The article continues — “Additionally, women reported unusual hair growth and missed menstruation, and men reported impotence and findings of low testosterone, the FDA said.

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The Most Effective Vitamins for Healthier Longer Hair | – Manespeak

Its no lie that your body needs different types of vitamins and minerals in order to properly function and maintain itself, there are several highly effective vitamins you need and you can take as supplements in order to improve your hair’s health and growth overall. Even though I try as much as I can to get my vitamins and minerals from natural food sources,let’s be honest, -it is not easy let alone possible to always get the daily recommended amounts of essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, B12 etc. just by regular day to day consumption of food (no matter how healthy you eat). This is why combining a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals as well as vitamin supplements come in handy.

vitamins for natural hair growth

Having a vitamin deficiency can result in hair that sheds excessively, thinning hair and even baldness (gasp!).  If you happen to be experiencing these symptoms with your hair, it could be due to your body lacking a few essential vitamins and minerals (of course it is best recommended that you see a doctor to be 100% sure especially if your symptoms are severe or you have health issues).

So what are the top vitamins for encouraging hair growth and hair health?

vitamins for longer and stronger hair

Vitamin B6 – It prevents hair loss and helps preserve your hair color by helping to stimulate melanin production in your hair follicles. The recommended dose is 1.6 mg, however over consumption and a high dose can result in temporary numbness of the hands and the feet.

Zinc – Zinc helps to stimulate longer hair growth by assisting in the proper function of your body’s immune system. A zinc deficiency can cause extreme scalp dryness, thinning hair and other scalp issues such as baldness. You can find zinc in foods such as turkey, chicken, cashews, almonds, mussels, clams etc.

Beta-carotene – Is very vital for proper natural hair growth, the reason for this is because beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A whenever the body needs it. The daily recommended dose varies from 10,000 to 15,000 IU. You can find it in natural food sources such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, turnips, spinach, collard greens, lettuce and butternut squash.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) – This particular vitamin helps with scalp circulation. The recommended daily requirement is 15 mg. You can find Niacin in natural food sources such as: Chicken, fish, brewer’s yeast and turkey. Be careful: Consuming more than 25 mg a day can result in “niacin flush” – a temporary but at times serious heat sensation because of blood cell dilation.

Vitamin B12 – This particular vitamin helps to prevent hair loss. The daily recommended amount is 2 mg and you can find it in foods such as chicken, milk, eggs.

Vitamin A – When it comes to this particular vitamin, it is recommended that you try and get as much of it from natural sources as you can due to the fact that too much vitamin A can be toxic and it can result in serious health problems (even hair loss) if the consumption exceeds 25,000 IU. It is best to get your daily requirement of vitamin A from natural food sources such as: eggs, apricots, eggs, carrots, cheese, peaches, spinach, fish and milk.

Biotin – This vitamin (also known as vitamin H) helps in the production of keratin and can help with the prevention of hair loss and graying.The daily recommended dosage is 150-300 mcg. I had a very bad experience while taking Biotin supplements (more on that at a later time) so I personally would strongly recommend that you try as much as you can to get your daily requirement of biotin from natural food sources such as: whole grains, rice, milk, chicken etc.

Vitamin C -This is an antioxidant that works to keep both your hair and skin healthy. The daily recommended dose for vitamin C is 60 mg. Get it from natural food sources such as: oranges, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, potatoes, cantaloupe, green peppers etc.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – Also known as Calcium Panthotenate, vitamin B5 helps to prevent your hair from graying and it also prevents hair loss. the daily recommended amount is 4-7 mg and it can be found in natural food sources such as: squash, corn, broccoli, mushrooms, brewer’s yeast, whole grain cereal etc.

Vitamin E – If you suffer from poor scalp circulation, vitamin E can really help in improve your circulation. The recommended daily dosage is 400 IU. Beware: If you suffer from high blood pressure consult your doctor as to how you should proceed if you decide to take vitamin/mineral supplements. Vitamin E can also reduce blood clotting so if you are taking high blood pressure medication or anticoagulants check with your doctor first. You can find adequate amounts of vitamin E in foods such as nuts, green leafy vegetables, dried beans, soybeans, cold-pressed vegetable oil, raw seeds etc

Inositol – It keeps your hair’s follicles properly maintained at the cellular level. The daily recommended dose is up to 600 mg. You can find it in foods such as whole grains, citrus fruits, brewer’s yest as red kidney beans.

grow long natural hair with vitamins

Keep in mind that if you just started taking vitamin supplement, it can usually take anywhere from 2 to 3 months in order to see any significant changes/results in your hair’s overall condition. Remember that patience and consistency are the key ingredients to achieving the healthy, long and thick hair you have always wanted to have.

*Please note: This might sound repetitive but It is still  important to crosscheck with your doctor before you start taking just any vitamins/supplements, especially if you already have health issues, taking birth control or if you are on any other kinds of medication since different types of vitamins can interact in various ways with different kinds of medication/pills.


Vital Vitamins That Should Be Used For Hair Loss | The Board …

By David C Brown

Hair loss isn’t necessarily an indicator of a severe underlying health issue, but it is true to say that its onset can scare most people, especially women. It would be true to say that thinning hair can ruin the confidence of majority of people. Unfortunately, people find it easier to remedy such a condition using prescription drugs and creams or by going for hair transplant or fusion, approaches that might cause more serious side effects. The most inexpensive and safest way to naturally curb your hair loss is through consumption of a diet rich in the following list of vital vitamins for hair loss.

Vitamin A

This is an exceptionally vitamin necessary the prevention of hair loss and scalp issues, such as dry hair and dandruff that might lead to premature hair thinning particularly in women. As much as the intake of vitamin A is very crucial in ensuring that its levels are well-maintained in your body, smoking can adversely inhibit its absorption. Also, some prescription drugs might cause hindrance in the uptake of this vitamin. You can obtain Vitamin A from natural food supplements and food items including carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and oranges.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in the synthesis of hemoglobin, a compound which carries oxygen to various tissues in your body. Consumption of the right amounts of Vitamin B6 serves to ensure that the hair follicles get sufficient oxygen to stay healthy and hence reduce hair loss. This vitamin can be obtained from food items like bananas, pork, loin and green peas.

Vitamin C

Collagen is one of the most essential parts used as the building blocks of a hair strand. Vitamin C helps in stimulating the production of this component because lack of it can lead to inevitable hair breakage and hair fall. You may consider natural hair care products that contain Vitamin C or a diet rich citrus fruits and sweet peppers.

Vitamin E

Generally, Vitamin E plays a vital role in ensuring skin and hair health by enhancing blood supply to the scalp. Also, it assists in the absorption of oxygen. You may consider supplementation or a diet plan rich Vitamin E sources such as cereals, corn oil and almonds.

Folic acid

Folic acid is one of the best vitamins that can help you combat premature hair loss. Ideally, it is a member of the Vitamin B complex that’s required for the production of red blood cells. It can be obtained from peas, lentils and papaya.

David C. Brown holds a Masters and Bachelors degree. After being ‘hair challenged’ I became interested in what I could do to save my hair. I have a website dealing with information on hair restoration, and it is completely natural. Go to

Hair loss vitamins | Stim Box Vitamins

Image conscious society today, appearance is more important than ever for women’s self-esteem. Imagine the distress caused when a woman realizes thinning hair? It is estimated that over 25 million women experience hair thinning in the United States. Many are genetically predisposed to the disease. Most wonder if there are natural remedies to help or prevent hair loss in women.Several vitamins have been found to be very effective in supporting female hair health. Of course, many factors can contribute to hair loss in women, but proper nutrition can help prevent further thinning and loss. Vitamin A has been found to support the healthy development of tissues and cells in the body and also supports healthy hair. This important vitamin promotes healthy hair follicles, keeping the hair root lubricated. Vitamin A is found in green vegetables, especially leafy ones, vegetables red, orange and yellow, liver and eggs. Many good multivitamins contain the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, so do not take additional supplements without the supervision of a physician. An overdose of vitamin A can be dangerous. A healthy scalp is also essential for healthy hair. Vitamin E is compatible with a healthy scalp, helping to increase the oxygen supplied through the blood. Americans rarely suffer from a deficiency of vitamin E, but the increasing consumption of green leafy vegetables, fortified cereals and grains and nuts can help ensure that this important nutrient is adequate. Vitamin E supplements are also available for this issue. The B vitamins are also important for healthy hair. Regulating the amount of iron in the blood, these vitamins also help flow of oxygen through the lungs to the tissues. Of course, a vitamin B deficiency can damage the hair and scalp by limiting the amount of oxygen that these tissues receive. B vitamins are available as supplements and various foods, such as proteins and soybeans, cereals, nuts and wheat germ. If proper nutrition is essential vitamins and minerals, helps in preventing hair loss and good health of the scalp and then paying attention to the foods and supplements you eat is well worth the time and effort.

Click here for more information about Viviscal Hair Growth Products. Most natural vitamins for hair loss that are clinically proven to opt. . .

Our article on vitamins for hair loss – 4 Your Health Guidance

Vitamins for hair loss information.

Hair loss is the result of a number of factors including stress, the natural aging process, and the deficiency of a number of essential vitamins and minerals. In rare cases, hair loss may also be due to certain pregnancy factors.

Hair loss due to pregnancy is normally a temporary situation that reverses itself after the child is born and the body returns to normal hormone levels. Hair loss resulting from such deficiencies may be able to be corrected by supplementing vitamins for hair loss into your daily regimen.

Improve your health through natural vitamin supplements. Learn more here.

Vitamin C is responsible for a number of functions within the body. One of the primary benefits of Vitamin C is the prevention of scurvy. Most people are aware that the symptoms of scurvy include weak and bleeding gums, but may not be aware that another symptom includes hair loss.

Saw Palmetto is a herb that is taken from tropical palm trees, and has numerous benefits including the support of healthy hair, scalp and skin. It is even thought to be very beneficial in treating hair loss. There are a number of multi-vitamin supplements on the market today that combine several nutrients and vitamins for hair loss.

There are no known side effects related to the use of vitamins for the purposes of treating hair loss; although, consumers should be careful about combining hair loss vitamins with large amounts of other vitamins, in order to avoid toxic levels.

Slow down the aging process and maintain glowing skin with the help of collagen supplements. Click here for more information.

As always, however, it is wise for anyone with special conditions, or taking other prescribed medications, to consult their physicians before adding special vitamin supplements to their daily regimens. Additionally, women who are pregnant or nursing should consult their physicians before adding any additional vitamin supplements.

There are many good vitamins that either protect or promote hair growth, however, there are also minerals that can serve the same purpose.

For example, the mineral zinc is a mineral that may actually help protect against male pattern baldness. Let us explain how below:

Some recent studies suggest that zinc may counter excess DHT on hair follicles. In case you don’t know, one of the main reasons for male pattern baldness is believed to be caused by the excess of DHT on hair follicles. It’s been said that this may now be just a problem for men, since women lose their hair as well…and if you didn’t know. women also produce male hormones naturally (such as testosterone), but they don’t produce it to as high levels, but still, this is the root cause of excess DHT.



Hair Loss Vitamins And Nutrition | Your Health Journal – Len Saunders

By Julia Rachels

vitaminsCan hair loss be attributed to nutrition or a deficiency of a certain vitamin? Yes, it certainly can. There are hair loss vitamins or perhaps a natural hair regrowth supplement that can be taken in order to prevent and halt hair loss, as well as regrow hair that has been lost. Losing one’s hair is more than just a vanity issue; it has been attributed to serious health issues such as coronary heart disease. Baldness is not a natural occurrence; with the right blend of natural vitamins you can essentially return your body to health and in turn cure your baldness.

What are these natural hair loss vitamins? One should never trust anything blindly; it should be through proper research. The first vitamin that can help you grow your hair is vitamin A; it is not only important for the healthy growth of hair, but of bones, teeth, and nails. It is essential for the skin, vision, and the proper functioning of one’s immune system. Vitamin C is another vitamin that will prove helpful in your battle against hair loss. It will take care your gums and teeth along the way, as well as improve your immune system. Vitamin C is also required for the production of collagen, which is important for the skin. Some medical theorists have associated a decrease of collagen to hair loss.

Vitamin E is another vitamin that is necessary to overcome hair loss; it is an antioxidant. Why is an antioxidant important to you? It protects you from free radicals in your body, called toxins. Toxins have been directly associated with hair loss. Thiamine or B1 is another important ingredient that you must take; it is a powerful anti-aging supplement that is known to grow thick and lustrous hair. It can reverse the damage done by a deficiency in your diet, or the damage that can be caused by eating a diet which is rich in sugar. Riboflavin is associated with healthy skin; healthy skin will reverse any damage done to the scalp skin.

Niacin, Vitamin B-16, Folsic Acid, Chromium and Vitamin B-12 are all associated with an internal rejuvenation and proper metabolism that creates a healthy transferring of nutrients into your body.

Niacin, Vitamin B-16, Folsic Acid, Chromium and Vitamin B-12 are all associated with an internal rejuvenation and proper metabolism that creates a healthy transferring of nutrients into your body. These are vital components to the overall health of a person, and it will have a positive effect on anyone person suffering from hair loss. Biotin, is one of the most famed ‘hair’ vitamins on the market. It is known for healthy growth, hair loss prevention, and it is a wonderful natural hair regrowth supplement. Just as the group of vitamins aforementioned, Biotin is involved in the metabolism of the body and production of proteins, yet it is also a vital component in the maintenance of hair, bone marrow, skin, and sex glands.

Magnesium and Zinc are both essential for the health of all cells in your body, which makes them quite the pair when it comes to the overall health of one’s body. Hair loss is associated with a body that is not healthy. One more thing to mention is that a slight imbalance in the nervous system has been related to hair loss. The balance relies on some of the vitamins mentioned and the right amount of Panthonic Acid, which regulates the nervous system.

Other factors that may be contributing to your hair loss can be easily prevented. Is your water free of chlorine and heavy metals? You can buy water filters to make sure that you are not being harmed by your water. Take a look at your shampoos; what type of ingredients does it have? Most brand shampoos are full of toxins that can lead to hair loss and baldness. Losing one’s hair, again is not a natural thing that happens with time; it is a sign of a true health issue and a natural solution is necessary not just for your hair but for your body.

– Guest Author Julia Rachels is very passionate about heath issues, especially about hair loss. I wish to share my thoughts and experienced in hair loss by sharing proven and clinically tested products because both men and women can experience this scary incidence of hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. In my case, I thought I was going bald but successfully overcame it when I tried using Reloxe.

5 Vitamins For Hair Loss Prevention –

Hair Loss PreventionHair loss can occur as a result of many reasons that include depression, stress, old age, illness, exposure to pollution and harmful chemicals, overuse of hair styling products and tools, etc. Many people go to the extent of consuming expensive medicines in order to fight hair loss problems, but in most cases, it is seen that these medicines come with a variety of side effects.

It is best to fight hair fall and prevent hair loss in natural and safe way by going for the right vitamins that are essential in dealing with this problem. Here, in this article, we have compiled together a list of the vital vitamins that are required to prevent hair loss. Let us check them out!

Vitamins For Hair Loss Prevention

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a very important antioxidant that performs a major function of retaining the essential oil of the scalp intact. This oil is known as sebum.

Vitamin A


It is natural human oil, which is required to keep the hair follicles healthy and hydrated. Hair loss can be prevented only if you have a healthy scalp and this can be achieved by opting for vitamin A rich foods, such as milk, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is considered to be the best vitamin for hair loss prevention. It promotes the health of the hair in a variety of ways. It aids in keeping the hair in its best condition so that you can always maintain beautiful and long tresses. Vitamin B is actually a family of a number of vitamins.

Vitamin B6


Vitamin B6 helps in preventing hair loss, while vitamin B12 is known to speed up the growth rate of hair. You can take supplements of these vitamins, but it is advisable to include foods that contain vitamin B in your diet if you want the best results. These foods include fish, cereals, chicken, cauliflower, vegetables, bananas, garlic, whole grains, etc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to work wonders in preventing hair loss issues. A deficiency of this vitamin in the body is likely to cause brittle and fuzzy hair along with too much of hair fall. This vitamin is very essential to combat hair loss problems.

Vitamin C


Moreover, it increases the growth of thicker, silkier and shinier locks. To achieve a considerable amount of vitamin C in your body, make sure that your diet includes foods, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, melons, berries, bananas, kiwifruit, papaya and apples.

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Biotin is very helpful in preventing hair loss. It also promotes the growth of new hair and helps in maintaining a good health of the scalp. Eggs and liver contain biotin in a good amount. It is advisable to supplement your diet with biotin capsules for better consequences.

Vitamin E

Another important vitamin that finds a respectable position in our list of hair loss preventing vitamins is vitamin E. This vitamin is beneficial in strengthening the immune system of the body and a healthy immune system is the key to healthy hair.

Vitamin E

According to several studies, it has also been proved that vitamin E can slow down the ageing process of hair. So, go and eat a lot of vitamin E rich foods, like nuts, broccoli, eggs, spinach, avocados, etc as these are surely going to help you in combating all kinds of hair loss troubles.

My Hair Loss and Extensions | Simply Marlena

June 24th, 2013

Hi beautiful Makeup Geeks!  (please remind yourself of this EVERY morning when you get up.  I know it’s cheesy, but you have to know that each of us has something beautiful to offer)

Anyways, this is a very difficult subject to talk about and has been plaguing me for almost 3 years now.  Losing hair is the most difficult thing to happen to my self esteem as I feel like I’ve lost of bit of my “womanhood”.  It’s been a bit depressing watching my hair thin so much and not being able to change anything about it.  I’ve seen 8 doctors now, done multiple rounds of bloodwork, seen hair specialists, dermatologists, etc…  No one has any answers.  I eat healthy with lots of protein and veggies, take my vitamins, and exercise yet this is still happening :(

My guess is this is hormone related, so I see a specialist next month to hopefully find something out.  I’m not stopping until I find out what I know in my heart to be wrong.  I’m not alone in this journey, so I’m sharing this video to help those of you going through the same thing.  We’re not alone, and our hair doesn’t define our beauty.  Wearing hair extensions has helped my self esteem a bit- I wear the tape in kind as they are very gentle on my hair.  I’ve used them for over a year now and haven’t noticed any extra hair loss because of them.  (most of my hair loss is on the top of my head. My extensions are on the bottom of my head)

Here are the products I’m currently using as well as extension that I really like :-)


Hair Dreams Hair Extensions – Prices vary due to length.

Sally’s Beauty Supply – Clip in Hair Extensions


Davines Energizing Hair Shampoo – (Amazon) (eBay)

Davines Energizing Superactive – (Amazon) (eBay)

Bumble & Bumble Quenching Complex – (Amazon) (eBay)

Enjoy Hair Oil – (Amazon) (eBay)

It’s a 10 – (Amazon) (eBay)

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray – (Amazon) (eBay)

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder – (Amazon) (eBay)

So these are the things that I am doing while trying to work through my hair loss. If any of you are going through this as well and experienced the same symptoms I have such as night sweats, adult acne and hair loss would you please share with me what you have done and what has helped you. I know I can count on my Muggies to help me out. :-)

I hope you all are staying happy and healthy and doing anything you can to make yourself feel beautiful, and remember, beauty starts on the inside.