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Grow Long Hair! BABYFACE PURE PROTEIN Keratin Treatment Hair Repair / Collagen Protein Damaged Hair Professional Treatment Conditioner - 6 Month Supply!

Grow Long Hair! BABYFACE PURE PROTEIN Keratin Treatment Hair Repair / Collagen Protein Damaged Hair Professional Treatment Conditioner – 6 Month Supply! description

NEW Look (bottle is now brown with pink & orange label) – Same great product as always!

1 oz bottle (10-14 treatments) which is a 6-Month Supply. Only $1.83 per Treatment!

Babyface’s Pure Protein is a unique product, better than traditional salon protein treatments, and safe for any hair type. Originally available only at select salons, now the original and potent formula is available for home use! The special formula took 7 years for our scientists to perfect, and allows protein to penetrate all the way to the hair’s core, strengthening the hair shaft and adding structure. This also helps protect hair from chemical, heat and other damage. Treated hair takes color better, and colors last longer. Hair breaks less, allowing it to grow long faster! Pure Protein can be added to any chemical treatment to protect the hair from the damaging chemicals used in the process of coloring, straightening, perms and relazers. Stop damage before it starts! Restore strength and body to badly damaged hair. When used with a moisturizing conditioner, it instantly improves the feel and texture of dry, damaged hair and split ends. Makes hair strong and silky feeling again. (Note: Those with badly damaged hair may need to perform a few treatments before there is a noticeable difference. Follow directions carefully for best results.)

Best when used with a moisturizing, waxy-type conditioner (protein loves moisture!) If hair feels dry after application, then most likely the conditioner was not moisturizing enough. You can apply conditioner again the next day to compensate for not enough used with treatment. Never apply the protein directly to hair, must be mixed with conditioner. Do not use more than once every 14 days. Do not use on hair extensions secured with protein. Do not use Pure Protein when using other protein products (including protein shampoos or protein conditioners). This product will not straighten your hair.
User reviews for Grow Long Hair! BABYFACE PURE PROTEIN Keratin Treatment Hair Repair / Collagen Protein Damaged Hair Professional Treatment Conditioner – 6 Month Supply! –

Grow Long Hair! BABYFACE PURE PROTEIN Keratin Treatment Hair Repair / Collagen Protein Damaged Hair Professional Treatment Conditioner – 6 Month Supply! features

  • Professional grade protein treatment for At-Home use.
  • 1 oz. Concentrate = 10 to 14 Treatments – a 6-Month Supply! Only $1.83 per Treatment!
  • Repairs damaged hair. Colors & curls last longer.
  • Adds strength & structure so hair can grow without breaking.
  • Add to any color, perm, straightener or relaxer to protect against damage.

Grow Long Hair! BABYFACE PURE PROTEIN Keratin Treatment Hair Repair / Collagen Protein Damaged Hair Professional Treatment Conditioner – 6 Month Supply! best price

Growing up Madison: Original Sprout Baby Hair Care Products Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own.

The Free & Clean formulas in our natural baby products contain soothing organic botanicals & are ultra-gentle making them the perfect choice for baby’s sensitive skin. Our bestselling Hair & Body Babywash, along with our Scrumptious Baby Cream, & Natural Hair Gel moisturize, nourish & protect baby’s hair & skin without harsh chemicals, hormone disruptors & other common offenders.

Look at the difference it made to my hair. I can actually see it. My hair was not only much softer to the touch but there was no ouch moment either. I can really say that the detangler really worked on my hair. If it worked on my thick hair it can work on yours too. It really was a miracle!

 I can say without hesitation that Original Sprout Hair Care Products gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!

You can connect with the Original Sprout company via their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

Tips for Growing Long Hair – Healthy Happier Bear

Lately, anytime I post a picture on Facebook or Instagram the comments revolve around my hair.


The comments and emails that follow a post with my picture often request tips for growing hair long and favorite products.  Until these comments, I hadn’t thought much about my hair or its evolution over the past few years.I’m not sure why I never realized this. Maybe it is because I’m guilty of wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail too often. But, looking back at pictures from the past few years and talking to my mom, I realize that this is my hair at it’s absolute longest – ever!  Until this year my hair stayed right below my shoulders as this is the way every single stylist wants to cut my hair.  

My Hair Lengths

So, how did I grow my hair out and keep it healthy? I don’t really have any tips other than just say no when it comes to over eager stylists who want to chop your locks and get trims at least every 8 weeks. Here are my favorite beauty products that I have used during this process. Keep in mind, I am blessed with very thick hair naturally and have also never dyed or chemically treated my hair. By default this means that my hair is very strong and therefore doesn’t tend to break. Some of these products may seem expensive but in my opinion, healthy hair is worth it! Also, I am not in any way pregnant but these VitaFusion prenatal vitamins are more effective than any other vitamin and who can resist the gummy flavor and texture?

Favorite Hair Products

Conair Shower CombFekkai Defense Pre-Style Thermal/UV ProtectantVitaFusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins –  Phyto Hair and Nails SupplementSebastian Trilliance ShampooFekkai Silky Straight Ironless ConditionerNeutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask

What is your favorite hair tip or product?

6 Tips for Preserving Homemade Natural Products | Black Girl with …


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

“Preservation” is essential for prolonging the shelf life of certain homemade products.  Additionally, it saves time spent on concocting new product after product for one-time use.  The following list consists of basic preservation methods that are imperative for any natural mixtress:

1. Refrigeration

Use refrigeration to preserve water or aloe-vera-juice-based products (e.g., spritzes) for a short period of time (e.g., a few weeks).  The cold temperature of the fridge will delay growth of bacteria and fungi.

2. Freezing

Use the freezer to preserve water or aloe-vera-juice-based products (e.g., deep conditioner mixes) for a longer period (several weeks to a few months).  The colder temperature of the freezer will prevent growth of bacteria and fungi.  Place the product in the refrigerator to thaw on the night prior to using it.

3. Use clean utensils and containers

Bathe utensils and containers in a solution of soap and hot water prior to mixing.  An alternative is to wipe down utensils and containers with alcohol.  The soap or alcohol will essentially kill any bacteria that would otherwise contaminate your mixture.

4. Add an essential oil (but pregnant women beware)

Some mixtresses find that essential oils can act as a slight preservative due to their antimicrobial properties. Tea tree, lavender, lemon, thyme, and rosemary are just a few essential oils known to have these properties.  (Understand, however, that essential oils are not as effective as conventional chemical preservatives and may require high concentrations to provide some antimicrobial activity.)  Those who are pregnant or sensitive to essential oils should speak with their doctors before use.

5. Do not use your fingers to obtain a water-based product

Our fingers contain tons of bacteria and can contaminate such products.  Instead, use a clean utensil to aid in obtaining that amount of product you need for use.

6. Store non-refrigerated products in dark, cool areas

For certain products that do not require refrigeration, exposure to direct sunlight and heat can create an environment for mold to form.  Thus, it is recommended to keep such products in dark, cool areas.


Add vitamin E oil or rosemary extract oil:

These oils may slow down the oxidation of products containing certain oils, such as avocado, evening primrose, flax, hemp, or sweet almond. Vitamin E and rosemary extract are antioxidants, not preservatives.  Thus, they will not prolong the shelf life of a product prone to bacteria and mold growth.

Mixtresses, how do you preserve your homemade products?

Hair Growth Success: “The best product on the market…”

Male Pattern Hair Loss Photoscans The Belgravia Centre“The best product on market, very happy with results, everyone should use.”

A Belgravia Centre Patient

Age:  Early 30′s

Diagnosis:  Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male Pattern Hair Loss Comment The Belgravia Centre


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The Value Of Good Hair Growth Shampoos – Hair Growth Tips

Numerous remedies are available for a number of hair growth troubles of which hair growth shampoos are the most popular choice amongst people with hair growth problems. In spite of this, many people do not know that proper nutrition is vital for these shampoos to work to all intents and purposes. When your diet lacks proper balance or nourishment, it is likely that you will not obtain the desired effect from using the shampoo.

One vital element in having healthy hair is to eat balanced meals with good nutrition regularly. Protein is an important building block in the construction of lovely looking healthy hair. Therefore it is important to make sure that you consume the daily recommended protein intake your body needs to ensure healthy hair growth.

It is often found that when one realizes that your hair is falling out more than usual or growing slower, the tendency is to do some research on remedies of which hair growth shampoos are most likely the most popular. There are numerous hair growth products available all over the internet, specialty stores, and general dealers.

Many people are astounded when they learn that most hair growth products consist of completely natural ingredients. The good news is that various studies has shown that complete natural hair growth shampoos have significant results in lessen hair loss, but also helped a great deal in preventing hair loss. Some products assist mainly in the faster growth of hair. The greatest benefit of all is that you do not need to take any health risks when you make use of all natural hair remedies.

Once you decide to use a hair growth shampoo to remedy your hair growth problem, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the ingredients.

Wheat germ or wheat proteins and coconut is essential for providing moisture to the actual hair strands while Jojoba and Emo oils along with Aloe Vera helps with the moisturizing of the scalp. Tea tree oil has a calming effect on an itchy, dry, or irritated scalp.

Most people make use of hair growth shampoos to increase hair growth, or to improve the overall condition and structure of the hair. The best approach is to get these kinds of outcomes by using products that consist of as much natural elements and conditioners as possible and as little artificial or chemical products.

The value of vitamins can not be underestimated. Vitamin E, B, and C are vital for the conditioning, restoration, and maintenance of a healthy scalp through oxygen absorption and the improvement of blood circulation on the scalp.

There are hundreds different kinds of hair growth shampoos. To ensure you get the results you are after, you need to select the most appropriate product for the current condition of your hair. More often than not people make the wrong selection because they select a product according to the results they want to achieve and not what the current state of the hair is.

There are some factors that can have a slowing effect on the results when making use of hair growth shampoos. Overeating, eating too much refined or fatty foods, smoking and alcohol consumption are all things that have a negative effect on the working of hair growth shampoos because it is slowing down blood circulation. This also causes some stress that is often the main reason for hair loss.

Long Locks Express: Making Your Hair Grow – Health News and …



Ever dream of growing your tresses at Rapunzel-like speed, only to see your efforts fall short?

Fortunately, experts assure us there are several things that can be done to help promote growth, starting with identifying the root of the problem.

“I have heard many clients are frustrated with the rate their hair is growing,” says Angelo David of the Angelo David Salon in New York. “I think the decreasing rate of hair growth can be inadvertently self-inflicted. Perhaps they are not shampooing their hair properly or overexposing hair with chemicals during coloring or highlights or using hot tools constantly.”

When it comes to preventing breakage, David says it’s essential to invest in proper hair tools. Skip the plastic brushes, which can be harsh on your sensitive scalp, and instead, opt for a brush with 100 percent natural boar bristles to make smoothing hair easier, especially those with delicate tresses. And, David adds, soft bristles won’t create split ends. Also, try to avoid too-tight ponytails and similar styles that can pull hair and hinder growth.

Like your brush, you also want your hair products to be just as gentle. Melissa Harvey, a trichologist for Bio Follicle, warns that your favorite shampoo and conditioner could be doing more harm than good.

“Every product you use to wash your hair should be paraben and sulfate-free,” says Harvey, who emphasizes that your goal should be to have a healthy hair follicle and scalp, which will promote quicker growth. “Shampoos normally don’t have their pH balance listed so the main ingredient you want to look for to signify that it is too harsh for your hair is SLS (sodium laurel sulfate).”

When it comes to getting longer tresses, ”prenatal vitamins and Biotin are probably the most popular,” says senior stylist Eric Rosado at New York salon Ted Gibson. “Stimulation to the scalp with ingredients, such as peppermint and tea tree oil also can assist with hair growth. (But) in my 20 years of experience, the best way to achieve a luscious mane is consistent hair trimming and professional salon treatment every six to eight weeks.”

Grabbing the scissors may sound like the last thing you want to do when trying to make your hair grow, but cutting the ends of your hair does not affect the follicles in your scalp, which determines how quickly your hair grows. Rather, it eliminates those pesky split ends, reducing breakage and creating more room for growth.

“Hair grows at a rate of a quarter inch every two weeks,” adds Harvey.

Overall health can play a role for those who are struggling to make hair grow longer faster as both stress and poor diet can play a role in decreasing growth.

“Hair is an extension of the skin as are nails,” says South Beach-based stylist Danny Jelaca, who has worked with Jennifer Lopez and Naomi Campbell, among others. “Always eating the right diet with amino acids is advisable. Protein is the building block of hair.”

Jelaca also suggests regular scalp manipulations, which he describes as any type of pinching motion to bring up blood flow to the scalp. Hesitant about doing it yourself? A stylist who specializes in thinning hair will be able to do them for you. You can also do scalp massages, which also stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

Answers To Your Pressing Hair Care Questions | Your Hair Care Tips

Your whole life will be different when you have proper hairdressing. This happens because people become attracted to those that have nice hair. The following information should be used for your hair.

Wet Hair

Never brush your hair when it is wet hair. Wet hair is softer and prone to damage. To reduce this damage, either brush your hair before you shower, either before your shower or after it drys again.

These weight down your hair and make it seem finer and thinner.The best conditioners that avoid this problem are mousse conditioners or leave-in conditioners.

Your diet may be to blame if you find that your hair. In order to keep your hair healthy, you need to consume enough vitamin E, iron, and iron. Make sure you take multivitamins if you cannot get enough nutrients.

Look for haircare products that offer sun protection to protect your hair from the sun. The sun can damage hair and counteract any benefits from your hairdressing regimen. Protecting your hair properly can also increase its color and help it look better longer!

A clarifying shampoo might be needed if your hair when it has gone dull.

If you are using heat to dry your hair, move the blow dryer around continuously so that no one part of your head is exposed to the heat for too long. This will lessen the likelihood of your hair.

Hair products that have alcohol will dry out hair.

Try switching to a pillowcase made of silk or satin pillowcases to protect curly hair. Cotton pillowcases can dry out hair by absorbing all the moisture and oils. You will find that your hairdo still intact by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. A satin scarf and a satin bonnet are also an option if for some reason the pillowcase won’t work out.

Styling Options

Texture can add a key element in your hairstyle. You can reduce the time out of your styling routine with adding texture to your hair. You can add texture through the haircut itself, the style you choose, or styling it differently. You are going to discover you hair has fuller body, and can often have varied styling options, a variety of styling options.

Avoid hair products containing alcohol, which can be drying. Also, do not apply products directly to your scalp, this can irritate it and clog the pores on your scalp. Both of these no-nos negatively affect your hair to appear unhealthy.

Be wary of chlorine can affect your hair. Chlorine can cause damage hair. This keeps your hair from chlorine. Most pools have showers available in their locker area. You can use it for this purpose.

Learn to cut your own hair. If you go to a hair salon to get a hair trim every six weeks, that could cost you around $200-$400 per year. There are currently loads of self hair cutting tutorial videos at places like YouTube which will show you need to know.

There are a lot of causes that can cause dandruff. Many individuals are unaware that oily hair is more likely to lead to dandruff. This seems counter-intuitive, however unintuitive it may sound.

Brushing your hair excessively is not something that you should be avoided. While it might seem as if your hair will only get softer and more manageable, it might be causing problems. Brushing hair pulls hair downward from the scalp and places pressure on your strands.

There is a simple at-home treatment that can help to keep hair soft and healthy hair. It is made from just one item to use. Just massage half of an egg white into your scalp for 5 minutes.Rinse it out with shampoo and you will have great looking hair.

You can use special conditioner on a daily for untangling hair while it is still wet. To avoid creating frizz, don’t use a blow-dryer.

Hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month. Although some people think having a trim helps it to grow, it simply looks as if it does. This is because split ends, as well as other signs of hair that is unhealthy. This makes trimming a great idea!

Now, after reading this article, you should be aware of what you need to do in order to manage your hair properly. By applying all the information in this article and incorporating it into your own routine, you will soon see that great looking hair. Take good care of your hair, and soon you will see how much better off your life is.


Dry Sounding Scalp And Hair Loss | The Lawyer

R osemary and sage have been exploited historically in the most important Mediterranean region in order to treat hair loss, particularly in carrying bags of alopecia (baldness). Boil the same as parts of peppermint and sage most of the strain the juices. Use it as hair rinse in which to treat hair loss.
To make a correct analysis is further confusing since the dieticians prescribing Propecia happen to be typically dermatologists in addition to the general practitioners. Doctors treating the drug’s side good results are typically urologists and endocrinologists. With their varying disciplines, they don’t often have any cross punch interactions.
Hunger suppressant . is Keranique, presently there are a few things that make who’s different. For starters, Keranique could be engineered to subside with the biochemistry from the woman in particular; men need fail to apply for this particular one, as it is only effective for ladies. And second, Keranique contains the solely ingredient that has been clinically proven which will re-grow hair. Thus, it is often an uniquely effective product in treating hair growth in womena useful change in an industry of hair things that typically cater new to men.
Sometimes even though baldness possibly can be caused by many factors, probably the most common among them is genetics. Other factors may include illness, lack with regards to sufficient nutrition, approaches like chemotherapy, difficulties and aging. Damage caused with regard to the hair and also excessive application created by chemicals, may eventually lead to hair loss product, which is a complaint that that can influence both men and / or women, but is actually more prominent in the former. While some people tend to you can forget the symptoms, many more try various products to prevent sort. You should be able to prevent baldness due to treating the fundamental conditions or basically taking sufficient locks care or all by avoiding factors that experts claim trigger hair the loss.
Hair regrowth is not sites problem but has existed for centuries. In earlier times, men and mothers used an involving solutions, ointments and even concoctions as treating their hair loss by applying them on their premature hair loss for regrowth. There are associated with hair loss treatment solutions available, there always be the ones such so Rogaine and Nourkrin to name just two. Rogaine contains minoxidil in a two or even a five percent solution.
Grind lime hybrid tomato seeds and pepper every single other. Make a fine paste. Here paste when given to the bald patch has a soft irritant action. It stimulates the type of sluggish scalp combined with hair follicles. It improves the circulation of blood stream in the area affected and stimulates hair regrowth. The paste should be tried for twice a time of day for about about six weeks.
A Chinese plant known as Fo-Ti , reestablishes hair style color and helps prevent production of DHT, halts hair reduction and thinning our hair and encourages growth of hair.
Following step another drug called minoxidil, which also, has to usually continued for the rest of the life. You can topical application on your scalp. This helps to stimulate those blood circulation for the scalp and pores. Application must be twice a day; once upon waking and then when more before going to bed. This ointment is not suitable to be employed on a scalp suffering from open sores together with wounds.

The procedure procedures for frontal baldness do not vary by a wide degree between boys and girls. This is one of the best hair loss healing.

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