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Moles, a unique designation of the first ancestors have always raises curiosity. What they are ‘moles’ are real?

It was not. All just a designation only. Moles are a growing part of the skin due to the influence of pigmentation. Generally brownish or blackish color, there is a flat stick in the skin, some are emerging.

On average, each person has more than 40 moles on her body, whose location varied. There are growing on the lips, and said to the owner is a person who nag. Nothing grows on the cheeks, and the owner reportedly had the sweetest smile. Uniquely mole is growing so unique that later give rise to the perception of a myth that many people believe slowly.

However, apparently not all of these unsightly mole. If growth is not at the right place, he just looks disturbing. Moreover, if the size is great, could well reduce confidence.

For that, there are some people who are willing to undertake this treatment removes mole. Reached into the hundreds of millions of money, for the sake of eliminating moles which made ​​him confident. Anyway, besides disturbing confidence, apparently when shit flies types which could be grown, is also harmful to health. Mole color, shape and size changed, indicating a skin cancer. There is no way to eliminate them naturally and not have to go to the doctor?

Below are some natural ingredients that can help eliminate skin moles. Check this out:

Use apple cider vinegar

  • This apple cider vinegar does have many benefits for beauty and health. And one of them is to help eliminate moles.
  • The trick is to prepare a bowl of hot water, pour 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into it.
  • Take a cotton, soak in a solution of apple cider vinegar, then kompreskan for 20-30 minutes at a mole to be removed.
  • Rinse with cold water or compress with ice cubes after that.

Use castor oil

  • Castor oil or castor oil is also effective to help remove moles. The trick is:
  • Prepare 1 tsp castor oil and mix with 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Apply the mole area and let sit for overnight for best results.
  • Moles can not necessarily be lost overall, but you can repeat this step a few times so that the mole can be lost.

Use garlic

Overcome the potent herbal mole is using garlic herb. The trick is to soften the garlic and then put it on the mole. Leave overnight. Sulfur content in garlic is what will help eliminate moles. Do it for a few times so that the mole is completely gone.

Use pomegranate and lime

Pick a ripe pomegranate, then puree and mix with lemon. Use as a mask and leave overnight. Repeat until a few days until the mole is gone.

Use aloe vera

Aloe vera gel is the best material to treat the skin and eliminate moles. The trick is to take the aloe vera gel and put it. Leave for 2-3 hours. Then repeat until 3-4 days so that the moles fade and disappear.

If you find your moles change shape, color and size, it is better to consult a doctor to ensure that it is not skin cancer. Moles may seem trivial, but when he became skin cancer then it will also be harmful to the health of your skin.

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