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Lately, anytime I post a picture on Facebook or Instagram the comments revolve around my hair.


The comments and emails that follow a post with my picture often request tips for growing hair long and favorite products.  Until these comments, I hadn’t thought much about my hair or its evolution over the past few years.I’m not sure why I never realized this. Maybe it is because I’m guilty of wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail too often. But, looking back at pictures from the past few years and talking to my mom, I realize that this is my hair at it’s absolute longest – ever!  Until this year my hair stayed right below my shoulders as this is the way every single stylist wants to cut my hair.  

My Hair Lengths

So, how did I grow my hair out and keep it healthy? I don’t really have any tips other than just say no when it comes to over eager stylists who want to chop your locks and get trims at least every 8 weeks. Here are my favorite beauty products that I have used during this process. Keep in mind, I am blessed with very thick hair naturally and have also never dyed or chemically treated my hair. By default this means that my hair is very strong and therefore doesn’t tend to break. Some of these products may seem expensive but in my opinion, healthy hair is worth it! Also, I am not in any way pregnant but these VitaFusion prenatal vitamins are more effective than any other vitamin and who can resist the gummy flavor and texture?

Favorite Hair Products

Conair Shower CombFekkai Defense Pre-Style Thermal/UV ProtectantVitaFusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins –  Phyto Hair and Nails SupplementSebastian Trilliance ShampooFekkai Silky Straight Ironless ConditionerNeutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask

What is your favorite hair tip or product?

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